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Region: Kanto
Age: 20-25
Class: Trainer/Magician
Voice actor: Ted Lewis (English)
Debut: IL075: Round One - Begin!

Mandi, otherwise known as Mandi the Astounding, is the character of the day in IL075: Round One - Begin!. He was Ash's first opponent in the Indigo League competition, but he lost because of his arrogance.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Mandi's Exeggutor.jpg
Exeggutor was the first Pokémon Mandi used against Ash. Though powerful, it lost to Ash's Krabby, which evolved into Kingler.
Mandi's Seadra.jpg
Seadra was Mandi's second Pokémon in his Battle with Ash. It's speed was impressive but when it was caught in the foam of Ash's Kingler's Bubble attack it was helpless and eventually it lost.
Mandi's Golbat.jpg
Golbat was Mandi's last Pokémon, hoing it would be a game changer. Unfortunately it was badly beaten by Ash's Kingler and it's Hyper Beam.

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