Madame Boss

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Madame Boss
(女ボス Lady Boss)
Madame Boss.jpg
Region: Kanto
Age: mid 40s'
Hometown: Unknown
Family: Giovanni, Silver
Class: Boss, Founder
Friends: Miyamoto
Debut: The Birth of Mewtwo

Madame Boss (Japanese: 女ボス Lady Boss) is the former leader of Team Rocket and the mother of the current leader, Giovanni. She appears only in the The Birth of Mewtwo, a Japanese-only CD drama that was dubbed into English and bundled with the DVD-release of Mewtwo Returns.

Work Life[edit | edit source]

She is the founder of Team Rocket. and passed her rank to her son, Giovanni. She controls armies, and gets Elite Squadrons (Such as Go-Rock Squad) to capture rare Pokémon and auction them off for money. She hates Pokémon, and that is why she has none. She only cares about the money she gets for selling them. The only Pokémon she truly wants, is Mew and Mewtwo. She thinks that with their power, she can rule the Pokémon world. That is why she gave a mission to her best women, Miyamoto to capture Mew and brainwash it, but when she found Mew, it was confirmed that she died in an avalanche that Mew tried to stop. Since Miyamoto was her friend, she took it hard.

Out-of-Work Life[edit | edit source]

She is not as harsh as she seems to be. She cared for Giovanni until he was 17 and became the boss of Team Rocket. She talked about caring for her child with Miyamoto when Jessie was born. Madame Boss was one of the first people to hold her. She even gave Miyamoto a raise for working and taking care of her child.