Lilycove Department Store

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Lilycove Department Store
ミナモデパート Minamo Department Store
Map of lilycove Department Store
Information about Lilycove Department Store
Region: Hoenn
Connecting locations: Lilycove City, Route 121, Route 124
Weather: Normal
Kind: Building
Needed HM: None
Generation(s) available: Gen. III

The Lilycove Department Store is a supermarket store located in Lilycove City, and joins the likes of Goldenrod Department Store in that it is a comprehensive location for medicinal wares and battle items. The are 6 levels comprising the building, each one offering different products.

Floors[edit | edit source]

First Floor[edit | edit source]

On the first floor of the Department Store, there are two receptionists, one who welcomes you into the department store, and one who offers to draw a daily lottery ticket. The lottery ticket numbers have to correspond with the numbers of your Trainer ID. The prizes are as follows:

  • PP Up - received for matching the last two digits of the Trainer ID.
  • Exp. Share - received for matching the last three digits of the Trainer ID.
  • Max Revive - received for matching the last four digits of the Trainer ID.
  • Master Ball - received for matching all of the Trainer ID's digits.

Second Floor[edit | edit source]

On the second floor of the Department Store, the attendants sell items which are indispensable to a Trainer. Such items are as follows:

Item Sprite Price
Poké Ball Poké Ball — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Great Ball Great Ball — 600 Poké Dollar.png600
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball — 1200 Poké Dollar.png1200
Revive Revive — 1500 Poké Dollar.png1500
Antidote Antidote — 100 Poké Dollar.png100
Burn Heal Burn Heal — 250 Poké Dollar.png250
Awakening Awakening — 250 Poké Dollar.png250
Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Full Heal Full Heal — 600 Poké Dollar.png600
Parlyz Heal Parlyz Heal — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Ice Heal Ice Heal — 250 Poké Dollar.png250
Escape Rope Escape Rope — 550 Poké Dollar.png550

Third Floor[edit | edit source]

The Third Floor of the Department Store contains items that can be used to boost a Pokémon's stat values.

Item Sprite Price
Protein Protein — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Calcium Calcium — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Carbos Carbos — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Zinc Zinc — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
HP Up HP Up — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
Iron Iron — 9800 Poké Dollar.png9800
X Speed X Speed — 350 Poké Dollar.png350
X Attack X Attack — 500 Poké Dollar.png500
X Defend X Defend — 550 Poké Dollar.png550
X Accuracy X Accuracy — 950 Poké Dollar.png950
X Special X Special — 350 Poké Dollar.png350
Dire Hit Dire Hit — 650 Poké Dollar.png650
Guard Spec. Guard Spec. — 700 Poké Dollar.png700

Fourth Floor[edit | edit source]

The fourth floor sells a variety of offensive and defensive TMs.

Item Sprite Price
Fire Blast Fire Blast — 5500 Poké Dollar.png5500
Thunder Thunder — 5500 Poké Dollar.png5500
Blizzard Blizzard — 5500 Poké Dollar.png5500
Hyper Beam Hyper Beam — 7500 Poké Dollar.png7500
Protect Protect — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Safeguard Safeguard — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Reflect Reflect — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Light Screen Light Screen — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000

Fifth Floor[edit | edit source]

The Fifth Floor sells a variety of objects which can be used in Secret Bases.

Item Sprite Price
Pichu Doll Pichu Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Pikachu Doll Pikachu Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Marill Doll Marill Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Jigglypuff Doll Jigglypuff Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png9800
Duskull Doll Duskull Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Wynaut Doll Wynaut Doll— 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Baltoy Doll Baltoy Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Kecleon Doll Kecleon Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Azurill Doll Azurill Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Skitty Doll Skitty Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Swablu Doll Swablu Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Gulpin Doll Gulpin Doll — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Pika Cushion Pika Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Round Cushion Round Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Zigzag Cushion Zigzag Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Spin Cushion Spinda Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Diamond Cushion Diamond Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Ball Cushion Ball Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Grass Cushion Grass Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Fire Cushion Fire Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Water Cushion Water Cushion — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Ball Poster Ball Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Green Poster Green Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Red Poster Red Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Blue Poster Blue Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Cute Poster Cute Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Pika Poster Pika Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Long Poster Long Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Sea Poster Sea Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Sky Poster Sky Poster — 1000 Poké Dollar.png1000
Surf Mat Surf Mat — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Thunder Mat Thunder Mat — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Fire Blast Mat Fire Blast — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Powder Snow Mat Powder Snow — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Attract Mat Attract — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Fissure Mat Fissure — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Spikes Mat Spikes — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Glitter Mat Glitter Mat — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Jump Mat Jump Mat — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000
Spin Mat Spin Mat — 2000 Poké Dollar.png2000

Rooftop[edit | edit source]

The rooftop of the Department Store has several vending machines, as well as a random rooftop sale, which is broadcasted on television prior.

Item Sprite Price
Fresh Water Fresh Water — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Soda Pop Soda Pop — 300 Poké Dollar.png300
Lemonade Lemonade Sprite — 350 Poké Dollar.png350
Item Sprite Price
Mud Ball Mud Ball — 200 Poké Dollar.png200
Fence Length Fence Length — 500 Poké Dollar.png500
Fence Width Fence Width — 500 Poké Dollar.png500
Tire Tire — 800 Poké Dollar.png800
Breakable Door Breakable Door — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Solid Board Solid Board — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Sand Ornament Sand Ornament — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Stand Stand — 7000 Poké Dollar.png7000
Slide Slide — 8000 Poké Dollar.png8000
TV TV — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Round TV Round TV — 3000 Poké Dollar.png3000
Cute TV Cute TV — 4000 Poké Dollar.png4000
Wailmer Doll Wailmer Doll — 10000 Poké Dollar.png10000
Rhydon Doll Rhydon Doll — 10000 Poké Dollar.png10000