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Liberty Pass (key).png
Liberty Ticket artwork

The Liberty Pass (リバティチケット Liberty Ticket) is a Key item in the Unova region games which allows the player to access the special Liberty Pier area in Castelia City which leads him/her to Liberty Garden. This item was introduced in Generation V and with the ticket it allows the player to capture the legendary Pokémon Victini. It is the only Unova based event item thus far.

When you arrive at the western pier of Castelia City, a sailor will offer to take you to Liberty Garden. If you do not have the Liberty Pass with you, the sailor will refuse your entry.

Event Distribution[edit | edit source]

Wi-Fi Events[edit | edit source]

  • Japan - September 18th 2010 to October 18th 2010
  • North America - March 6th 2011 to April 10th 2011
  • Europe - March 4th 2011 to April 27th 2011
  • Australia - March 10th 2011 to April 28th 2011
  • South Korea - April 23rd 2011 to May 29th 2011

Wonder Card[edit | edit source]

Japanese Victini
English Victini
Korean Victini