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LM4 (アガ Aga)


Pokédex: #62
Type: Water/Fighting
Base HP: 90
Base Attack: 85
Base Defense: 95
Base Special: 70
Base Speed: 70
First Appearance: Pokemon Red and Blue

LM4 or ゥL ║ゥM 4 (Japanese Name:アガ Aga) is a glitch Pokémon that only appears in Pokemon Red and Blue. Unlike most other glitch Pokémon, LM4 will evolve.

Sharing the same number as Poliwrath, LM4 has the same base stats, type combination, and learnable moves. LM4 is also similar to Pokémon Yellow's 7g, though 7g will not evolve.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like those of most glitch Pokémon, LM4's sprite consists of corrupted pixels; this is the result of the game treating non-graphical data as an image. It shares Poliwrath's Pokédex number and palette. Catching it even counts as catching a Poliwrath, as it shows a Pokédex entry that changes into Poliwrath's entry if veiwed from the menu. This only only happens if you've never caught a Poliwrath. When your not in a cave or in the Sylph Co. building, its cry is part of Pallet Town's music slowed down (it does loop).

Effects[edit | edit source]

LM4's glitch effects are limited and generally cause no severe damage, making it one of the safer glitch Pokémon to catch and train. That said, it does still cause several abnormalities. Among other things, it will, upon capture, scramble a player's Hall of Fame in a similar fashion to encounters with MISSINGNO..

At level eighteen, LM4 will attempt to evolve into a Clefairy. Should this evolution occur without the player's interruption, it will immediately attempt to evolve into a Nidoking. Odder still is an attack that LM4 learns at level 56; if it successfully learns this attack, LM4 will evolve into an Abra or Kangaskhan multiple times before crashing the game. This can be avoided by simply forgoing the opportunity to teach it the move.

At level 71, LM4 will attempt to learn a glitch attack with a variable name; the attack's name is the word "ALL" followed by the name of the Pokémon in the second slot of your party (with no space between the two strings). The attack, when used, scrambles some graphics but has no serious effects.

Encountering LM4[edit | edit source]

LM4 is only obtainable when performing the third method out of three, in the Mew Glitch by having a Pokémon with a Special stat of 198.