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Justified is an ability that raises the holder's attack stat if it is hit with a Dark-type move.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#058 Growlithe 058.png Type Fire.gif Dream World
#059 Arcanine 059.png Type Fire.gif Dream World
#359 Absol 359.png Type Dark.gif Dream World
#448 Lucario 448.png Type Fighting.gifType Steel.gif Dream World
#475 Gallade 475.png Type Psychic.gifType Fighting.gif Dream World
#638 Cobalion 638.png Type Steel.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#639 Terrakion 639.png Type Rock.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#640 Virizion 640.png Type Grass.gifType Fighting.gif Natural
#647 Keldeo 647.png Type Water.gifType Fighting.gif Natural