Jewel of Life

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Jewel of Life
(の宝玉 Jewel of Life)
Jewel of Life.png
Function: Replenishes plant life in a region
Debut: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

The Jewel of Life is a special jewel given to Damos by Arceus. It has the power to restore plant life within a specific area.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Jewel was created from Arceus' Zap, Earth, Meadow, Draco and Splash Plates, whose primary function was to restore the desolate, barren landscape of what would become Michina Town. When Arceus gifted the Jewel of Life to Damos, he expected him to return it once the land had become fertile on the day of the solar eclipse. However, Marcus, Damos' assistant, brainwashed Damos into refusing to give up the Jewel of Life. However, when Ash and his friends returned to the past to stop Marcus, Damos restored the balance by reaching out to Arceus, whom managed to reabsorb the Jewel of Life into his body. The Jewel of Life is also shown to be incredibly sturdy, withstanding tumultuous forces primarily due to the composition of Arceus' plates.

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