Island Cave

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The Island Cave is a cave that is located north of Dewford Town. The cave contains Regice in the Generation lll games. What you do is you go to Petalburg city, then go to the beach close to it and surf down and stay next to the left until you see a gap next to an island or something then, when on the other side of the rocks, go up until you see an island. if you did do the things above then there should have been a earthquake in that cave I was talking about, resulting in the entrance of the island cave, ancient tomb and desert ruins. when you get inside, wait 2 minutes and another entrance will open up, with Regice inside.

However, this will NOT work in Pokémon Emerald. Instead, once you enter the cave, you have to walk around the perimeter of the inside. Then the entrance will appear.

Wild Pokémon[edit | edit source]



Level 40
Superpower, Icy Wind, Ancient Power, and Curse

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