Ice Body

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The Pokémon restores HP in a hail storm.

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Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#086 Seel 086.png Type Water.gif Dream World
#087 Dewgong 087.png Type Water.gifType Ice.gif Dream World
#361 Snorunt 361.png Type Ice.gif Natural
#362 Glalie 362.png Type Ice.gif Natural
#363 Spheal 363.png Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Natural
#364 Sealeo 364.png Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Natural
#365 Walrein 365.png Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Natural
#378 Regice 378.png Type Ice.gif Dream World
#471 Glaceon 471.png Type Ice.gif Dream World
#582 Vanillite 582.png Type Ice.gif Natural
#583 Vanillish 583.png Type Ice.gif Natural
#584 Vanilluxe 584.png Type Ice.gif Natural