Humilau City

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Humilau City
セイガイハシティ Seigaiha City
Map of Humilau City
Calm and Sparkling Seas
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: Route 22
Marine Tube
Route 21
Location of Seigaiha City in Unova.png
Location of Humilau City in Unova.
Gym info
Name: Humilau City Gym
Leader: Marlon
Types: Type Water.gif
Badge: Wavebadge.png
Wave Badge
Pokémon Gyms

Humilau City (Japanese: セイガイハシティ Seigaiha City) is a city located in northeastern Unova. Here, the player can challenge the eighth gym of Unova and battle its leader, Marlon.

Move Tutor[edit | edit source]

One of the houses contains a Move Tutor that will teach Pokémon exclusive moves in exchange for Yellow Shards.

Move Type Cost
Bind Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×2
Snore Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×2
Heal Bell Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×4
Knock Off Dark Yellow Shard Sprite.png×4
Synthesis Grass Yellow Shard Sprite.png×6
Roost Flying Yellow Shard Sprite.png×6
Sky Attack Flying Yellow Shard Sprite.png×8
Role Play Psychic Yellow Shard Sprite.png×8
Heat Wave Fire Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Giga Drain Grass Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Drain Punch Fighting Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Pain Split Normal Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10
Tailwind Flying Yellow Shard Sprite.png×10

Gym[edit | edit source]

Main article: Humilau City Gym
Isshu Pokémon League icon.pngHumilau Gym LeaderIsshu Pokémon League icon.png
Wavebadge.png Wave Badge TM Water.png TM55 (Scald)
Level 49
Type Water.gif/Type Rock.gif
Level 49
Type Water.gif
Level 51
Type Water.gif/Type Ghost.gif

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Humilau City is primarily named after the Cumulus humilis cloud, which is a fair weather variety of cumulus cloud. Humilis is Latin for humble. It is also a reference to hukilau, which is a method of fishing invented by ancient Hawaiians and is also the name of a beach on the island of Oahu (the Hukilau Beach).

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