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'(クイタラン Kuitaran)'
Anteater Pokémon Pokémon
Ability Gender
Flash Fire
50% ♀/50% ♂
Pokédex color Egg groups
Red Field
Weight Height
58.0kg 127.9 lbs. 1.4m 4'07"
Body style Footprint
BodyUnknown.png F631.png
Azurilland Pokédex
HP Attack Defense
85 97 66
Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
105 66 65

[[Category:Red Pokémon]]

Heatmor (Japanese: クイタラン Kuitaran) is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Heatmor resembles an anteater. It has an elongated snout that can shoot out fire. It is primarily red, with a brown head, brown leggings and long, yellow strands running down its body. It also has long, yellow claws, arm bands around its wrists and a tail that resembles a pipe.

Game Info[edit | edit source]

Game Locations[edit | edit source]

Version(s) Location
Black/White Victory Road (Outside only)

Pokédex Entries[edit | edit source]

Generations I - IV
Heatmor did not appear during the Generation I - IV games.
It breathes through a hole in its tail while it burns with an internal fire. Durant is its prey.
Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant's steel bodies and consume their insides.
Black 2
White 2
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire

Learnset[edit | edit source]

Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Damage Type Contest Type Appeal Jam
1 Incinerate 30 100% 15 Fire Special
1 Lick 20 100% 30 Ghost Physical
6 Odor Sleuth - -% 40 Normal Status
11 Bind 15 85% 20 Normal Physical
16 Fire Spin 35 85% 15 Fire Special
21 Fury Swipes 18 80% 15 Normal Physical
26 Snatch - -% 10 Dark Status
31 Flame Burst 70 100% 15 Fire Special
36 Bug Bite 60 100% 20 Bug Physical
41 Slash 70 100% 20 Normal Physical
46 Amnesia - -% 20 Psychic Status
51 Flamethrower 95 100% 15 Fire Special
56 Stockpile - -% 20 Normal Status
56 Spit Up - 100% 10 Normal Status
56 Swallow - -% 10 Normal Status
61 Inferno 100 50% 5 Fire Special
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

I Red Blue Yellow Red (JP) Green (JP) Back
Heatmor did not appear in Generation I
II Gold Silver Crystal Back
Heatmor did not appear in Generation II
III Ruby Sapphire Emerald FireRed LeafGreen Back
Heatmor did not appear in Generation III
IV Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver Back
Heatmor did not appear in Generation IV
V Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
Heatmor BW.gif File:Heatmor BW Back.gif
Shiny Heatmor BW.gif File:Shiny Heatmor BW Back.gif

Origins[edit | edit source]

Design origin[edit | edit source]

Heatmor is designed after an anteater.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Heatmor's name is a portmanteau of the words "heat" and "armor". Heatmor's name may also be a play on words of "eat more".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Heatmor are predators of Durants, ant-like Bug Pokémon, similar to their real world counterparts relationship.
  • Heatmor is the only Fire-type Pokémon who cannot learn Overheat.

References[edit source]