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(ブルー Blue)
Name: Green
Japanese Name: ブルー Blue
Age: 20 (as of the thirteenth chapter)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pallet Town
  • Unnamed parents
Class: Trainer

Green, known as Blue in Japan, is one of the many female protagonists from the Pokémon Adventures manga from Japan.

Skill[edit | edit source]

Green's Special Skill, as noted by Professor Oak, is Pokémon Evolution, and she is the only Pokedex holder to have had all her Pokémon evolve.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Red, Blue and Green Chapter[edit | edit source]

When Red first encounters her, she tries to sell faulty Pokémon items to him. She makes him buy her stuff by telling him what a good trainer he was. Of course after he bought them he found that that the items didn't do anything. He later finds her and chases her for selling him these items. She has one Pokémon, Wartortle (whom she stole from Professor Oak). She was later stopped by Red's Snorlax. When Red goes to confront her she hugs him. Saying how happy she is to see him. She fakes crying then send her Wartortle to attack him. She is later stopped by Snorlax. She pretends to be knocked out as Red takes his money back. Little did Red know, that she stole his badges. Red then dresses up as a Team Rocket member to find her. Come to find out that they are looking for her too because she stole the Mew Floppy Drive that had information on the Legendary Pokémon Mew because she says it is the cutest Pokémon ever. When confronted about the Mew Disc she throws it to her Wartortle. Then a Pokémon battle starts. In the middle of the battle she shows off the two badges that she stole from Red. Then a Team Rocket member gets sick of it and send out a Hitmonlee, Machamp, Graveler and a Geodude. The Pokémon that were attacking were controled by a Tauros. Wartortle was knocked out and the disk was back in the hands of Team Rocket. She quickly switched her Pokémon to a Ditto. Red jumps in because of the rampaging Tauros charging towards her. The Tauros falls off the side of a cliff. Then the Pokémon climbs back up the side. While this is happening she sends out her Jigglypuff and they float away. The Tauros was her Ditto. She had the real disk the whole time and faked out the other. She had been faking out Team Rocket the whole time with her Ditto. The Ditto transformed into a Mew and trick them so that she could find Mew herself. She's looking to take pictures and selling them for money. She wants to be the first to record the 151st Pokémon. She encounters Mew in the forest and wants to capture it. Then Team Rocket comes in again and tries to get it for themselves.Team Rocket's Jynx tries to capture it, in the end of the battle they get frozen and Mew escaped from Green and Team Rocket. In the end, Green manages to get pictures of Mew and says that at least I will get a few bucks for the first pictures ever of the Phantom Pokémon. She gets away again, but not without leaving Red his badges. They are friends now. They later on meet at the Elite Four. She tries to give her Weedle away for a Butterfree. She later on enters in the Elite Four. She battles Dr. O (Professor Oak). She battles him and he confronts her about stealing Pokémon. She then sends out her most powerful Pokémon Blastoise. However, she loses the battle. She later on calls about an endorsement deal. She then goes back home to Pallet Town.

Yellow Chapter[edit | edit source]

In the Yellow chapter we find out that Green was the one who gave Yellow the mission of finding Red. She helps Bill and Yellow escape from Lorelei.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter[edit | edit source]

Green, along with Red, Blue and Yellow all have a short appearance as minor characters in the Gold/Silver/Crystal arc, helping the Johto Pokedexholders fight against the Mask of Ice.

FireRed and LeafGreen Chapter[edit | edit source]


Green and the Kanto pokedexholders also have a reappearance in the FireRed/LeafGreen arc, with all of them being older and having more serious adventures.

Emerald Chapter[edit | edit source]

File:Kawaii pokedex holdrs manga.PNG
The Pokédex Holders as they are surprised by what Red said.

Green also appears in the Emerald arc as one of the frozen pokedexholders the others must revive, and helps to fight against the final boss at the end of the arc. Later, they are surprised when Red said that why won't they hold a match and each and every Pokédex Holder will join, it is known that Emerald won it.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

On Hand

Green Wigglytuff.png
Jigglypuff→Wigglytuff 15px
Wigglytuff is one of Green's Pokémon.

Squirtle→Wartortle→Blastoise (Blastly) 15px
Green stole this Pokémon at the lab when it was a Squirtle. When it evolved into Blastoise, it was Green's most powerful Pokémon. Green uses this Pokémon to surf across waters. Also to fly because of her fear of flying pokémon do to being kidnapped by Ho-oh as a young girl.

Green's Ditto.png
Ditto first appeared in Chapter 16 "Tauros the Tyrant". Green doesn't use Ditto for battling, but instead uses it to disguise herself and trick others. Its nickname is Ditty. She also uses Ditto to transform it into her arm when she and Sabrina fight against Lorelei to avoid getting her arm broken off. Ditto's moves: Transform.

Green's Clefable.png
Clefairy → Clefable 15px
Clefable first appeared in Chapter 32 "A Little Kadabra'll Do It". I was originally a Clefairy, but was evolved into a Clefable using Red's Moonstone. Green primarily uses Clefable for its Metronome attack because its unpredictable. Clefable's nickname is Clefy. Clefable's moves: Growl, Metronome, Minimize.

Green's Nidoqueen.png
Nidoran♀ → Nidorina → Nidoqueen 15px
Nidoqueen first appeared as a Nidoran♀ in Chapter 39 "Just a Spearow Carrier". It later appeared as a Nidorina on Cerise Island. It then appeared as a Nidoqueen in the battle with the Guile Hideout's rental pokemon. Nidoqueen's nickname is Nido. Nidoqueen's moves: Double Kick.

Green's Granbull.png
Snubull → Granbull 15px
Granbull first appeared as a Snubull in its pokeball in Chapter 89 "The Might of... Metapod?!". Snubull was briefly traded to Silver after they escaped from Mask of Ice, but was traded back to Green sometime during the Yellow Chapter. It evolved into a Granbull in the Sevii Islands. Granbull's Nickname is Blu. Granbull's moves: Bite, Scary Face, Take Down, Charm.

In Storage

Green's Abra.png
Abra 15px
Abra first appeared in Chapter 162 "Spinning Top Hitmon Top". Green uses Abra to teleport from place to place. Abra's moves: Teleport.

Green's Weedle.png
Weedle first appeared in Chapter 39 "Just a Spearow Carrier". Green was trying to convince a trainer to trade his Nidoran♂ for her Weedle. Weedle's moves:?.


Green's Horsea.png
Horsea 15px
Horsea first appeared in Chapter 30 "Zap! Zap! Zapdos!". It originally belonged to Silver, but was briefly traded to Green in exchange for her Snubull after they escaped from Mask of Ice. It was traded back to Silver in the Yellow Chapter. Horsea's moves: Smokescreen


Moltres first appeared in Chapter 174 "The Last Battle VIII". Green caught Moltres to overcome her fear of birds. She later used Moltres to battle Lugia and Ho-Oh. She released it after the battle. Moltres' moves: Fly, Ember, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam.

Zapdos first appeared in Chapter 174 "The Last Battle VIII". Green caught Zapdos to overcome her fear of birds. She later used Zapdos to battle Lugia and Ho-Oh. She released it after the battle. Zapdos' moves: Fly, Thundershock.

Articuno first appeared in Chapter 174 "The Last Battle VIII". Green caught Articuno to overcome her fear of birds. She later used Articuno to battle Lugia and Ho-Oh. She released it after the battle. Articuno's moves: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Fly.

Personality[edit | edit source]


She is shown as very flirtatious and mischevious in her debut arc. She likes to trick people, stole her original starter from Professor Oak, and even sold faulty items for a short period of time in the Red/Green/Blue arc. Green is also known to nickname her Pokémon, using -chan in Japan and -y in America for a cute and affectionate effect on her Pokémon's names. It is later revealed she was kidnapped as a young girl and used by the Mask of Ice as one of the Masked Children, who used her and the other children to do his evil bidding, which resulted in her troublemaker personality. She escaped from the Mask of Ice with Silver, who she considers her brother. She has a phobia of birds due to being kidnapped by a Ho-oh from the Mask of Ice when she was a young girl. In the Gold/Silver/Crystal arc though she overcomes her fear at long last by catching Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos and using them against the fellow masked children Will and Karen. In the FireRed/LeafGreen arc, she is shown as an older teenager (16) and in the FireRed/LeafGreen female clothes. She also had grown greatly between the time of the Gold/Silver/Crystal arc and FireRed/LeafGreen, for being more serious and focused and seeming to less use her trouble making ways.

Game Appearances[edit | edit source]

Green is based off of the original concept art for a female playable character (Leaf) for the original Pokémon Games Red, Green, and Blue. The manga Kusaka said he based her design off of her and used pieces from the Lass sprite to make her design. The female protagonist from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen was based off of this same concept art as well as pays homage to Green from the manga as well. The manga later reflected this change by changing Green to the female character from FireRed and LeafGreen's outfit in the FireRed/LeafGreen arc.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is known as Blue in Japan, due to the male rival being known as Green in Japan. America changed her name to Green since Green version was never brought here, resulting in Blue being known as Green here in America.