Great Canyon

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Great Canyon
おおいなる きょうこく Great Canyon
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Floors 12
Majority type Grass
Allowed team size 4
Boss None
Kecleon shops None
Monster houses None
Traps None

Great Canyon is the seventh dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It consists of twelve floors with mainly Grass and Flying Pokémon.

At the top of the Great Canyon you meet Xatu. Straight away after this dungeon your player will become a fugitive, and is not allowed back into Pokémon Square until after completing Mt. Freeze Peak.

Wild Pokemon[edit | edit source]

Great Canyon Pokémon
Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Skiploom 1-3 13 -19%
Dunsparce 1-3 13 7.6%
Phanpy 1-3 14 8.2%
Doduo 1-3 14 7.2%
Vileplume 4-6 14 Unrecruitable
Breloom 4-6 14 Unrecruitable
Murkrow 5-7 14 7.2%
Cacturne 5-8 14 Unrecruitable
Noctowl 6-8 14 Unrecruitable
Heracross 7-9 14 2.6%
Ariados 8-11 14 Unrecruitable
Tauros 10-12 15 7.9%
Houndoom 10-12 15 Unrecruitable

Items[edit | edit source]