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(怪盗ゴローニャ Mysterious Thief Golonya)
Region: Johto
Age: 30-40
Voice actor: Sean Schemmel (English)

池田勝 Masaru Ikeda (Japanese)

Debut: JE076: The Wayward Wobbuffet

Goneff (Japanese: 怪盗ゴローニャ Mysterious Thief Golonya) was the Character of the Day in The Wayward Wobbuffet. He is a thief who robs banks and steals everything.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Goneff Golem.png
Goneff has a Golem, he is also shown to have a Golem shaped balloon. He held Jessie's Wobbuffet hostage.

Golem's known moves are Tackle, Double Team, and DynamicPunch.

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