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Ginji is a character in the Pokémon Manga series, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team. He was a normal human boy who was randomly transformed into a Torchic. According to the Manga, he met a Slightly timid but kind Mudkip. The Mudkip appears to dream about being part of a rescue team. On the way to Xatu, Gengar Eavesdropped on Xatu telling Ginji's future. Xatu said that Ginji was a human, so Gengar told every single Pokémon that Ginji was a "Cursed" Human being. Gengar did the work and made Ginji take the wrap. He said, "In the Pokémon world, there exists the 'Legend of Ninetales'... It is said that those who touch the tale of the ninetales will be cursed for ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Nevertheless...!!! one human dared to touch it's tail just for fun. When the enraged Ninetales attempted to inflict the curse... the human's friend, Gardevoir, was sacrificed in his stead. the Ninetales said, 'Foolish human. Do you want to save your friend, Gardevoir? Upon being asked this question, the human abandoned Gardevoir, who had received the curse in his place. The disaproving ninetales then made a prophecy... after one thousand years, the reincarnation of the fickle human would be reborn as a Pokémon and "destroy the world"... That human is Ginji, transformed into a Torchic!!" Ginji wanted to prove Gengar wrong, and Mudkip agreed and wanted to help him. Their quest was to find Ninetales and discover the truth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ginji was transformed into a Torchic.

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