GB Sounds

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GB Sounds
( GBプレイヤー

GB Player )

GB Sounds (key).png
Buy For: Poké Dollar.png0
Sell For: Poké Dollar.png0
Type: Key
Generation: IV

The GB Sounds is a Key item in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It can be obtained from a Game Freak employee in the Celadon Condominiums after all 16 badges have been obtained. When used, it will change most of the game's music into their 8-bit versions from the original Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Some songs that were not in the originals, such as the Global Terminal, still receive 8-bit versions. Those songs that play only before the GB Sounds can be obtained, like the Team Rocket music, play on the Pokémon Music Channel on Sundays as the "Pokémon Past Archive", along with a few other pieces. Some places, including most of the Battle Frontier facilities, do not have an 8-bit version and play normally.