Fourth Wall

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Breaking the Fourth Wall is when a character in a show, movie or game "breaks the fourth wall" by directly talking to the audience or camera or acknowledges the audience's existence. In Pokémon, some of the characters in the anime break the fourth wall. Meowth does this occasionally. In one of his breaks, he complained that he couldn't breathe, Jessie then remarked that Meowth didn't have a nose. And then Meowth remembered and replied that the artists never gave him a nose. In another moment Jessie throws Meowth toward the TV screen. In "Fowl Play" after the motto, Meowth tells the audience that they will catch noctowl right after the commerical break. Ash and the other characters have broke the wall too. Ash said that he wants to make a TV show about his Pokémon, Misty then replied saying who wants to see a show like that. In Black and White, Bianca broke the fourth wall by introducing herself to the audience, and Stephan broke the fourth wall when the narrator couldn't get his name right.

Episodes and Movies with the fourth wall broken[edit | edit source]