The wiki is being updated with the Pokémon template. Since the update is being done by bot, there will be errors on some pages.
If you see an error caused by the update, feel free to fix it and if you need help with the template, ask Crimsonnavy.


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Welcome to the Watercooler.

This is a place for community discussion about the Azurilland Wiki or anything else related to the Pokémon franchise.

To add a new topic, please type a meaningful title in the box below and click "Add new topic". Please sign your contributions as you would on a talk page.

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TopicLast editLast author
Want to trade some pokemon?14:07, 9 February 2015Crimsonnavy
Forum:About X and Y sprites20:10, 9 August 2014Crimsonnavy
Forum:Consistent Page Guidelines12:07, 31 July 2013Crimsonnavy
Forum:Learnset and Moves16:08, 27 July 2013Rahfal
What's Next?20:47, 14 July 2013CrimsonBot
Forum:Anime Section15:28, 13 July 2013Crimsonnavy
Sidebar03:38, 17 June 2013Crimsonnavy
New Templates23:40, 22 January 2013Crimsonnavy
New Display13:04, 1 January 2013Ciencia Al Poder
Came Out of Hiding02:10, 22 December 2012Houndoom
Categories listing weird pages?13:52, 17 December 2012Anonymous
Talk Page template09:07, 17 December 2012Mggm9417
Item location template19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Template subcategory organization19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Game Version color template19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Promoting the Wiki (gradual rollout)19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Replacing tabber19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Japanese names in description19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Gym Leaders navbox19:39, 21 November 2012Anonymous
Blogs?08:55, 17 November 2012PokemonTrainer84300
Image naming15:15, 23 August 2012Cusat
Featured User17:37, 19 August 2012Anonymous
What is the &quot;Watercooler&quot;?15:04, 14 August 2012Anonymous
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