Flying Pokémon Shadows

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A shadow in Driftveil Drawbridge

Flying Pokémon shadows are shadows of Pokémon or items introduced in Generation V, alongside rustling grass, dust clouds, and rippling water.

When traveling on either Driftveil Drawbridge or Marvelous Bridge, one may see a shadow of a flying Pokémon on the ground. If one steps into it, one will either find a wing or encounter a rare Pokémon.

List of Wings[edit | edit source]

Clever Wing.png

Clever Wing

Genius Wing.png

Genius Wing

Health Wing.png

Health Wing

Muscle Wing.png

Muscle Wing

Pretty Wing.png

Pretty Wing

Resist Wing.png

Resist Wing

Swift Wing.png

Swift Wing

Pokémon encountered[edit | edit source]

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Locations
#580 Ducklett 580.png Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Driftveil Drawbridge
#581 Swanna 581.png Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Marvelous Bridge