Flint (Kanto)

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Flint (Kanto).jpg
Region: Kanto
Age: Between 30 and 35
Hometown: Pewter City
Family: Brock (Son), Brock's Siblings (Sons and daughters), Lola (Wife)
Friends: Ash
Voice actor: Ted Lewis (English (IL005))
Eric Stuart (English (Pokemon Chronicles))
Debut: IL005: Showdown in Pewter City

Ash came across Flint when he and Misty had just arrived to Pewter City. He welcomed them to pewter city by informing Ash that he was mistreating his merchandise. Ash was later charged $2:00 for so. When Misty informed Ash of the Pokémon League Flint underestimated his abilities. However he later welcomes him to his house, and comforts him for his lost Gym Battle with Brock. He shows why Brock hasn't expanded futher than Pewter City, and how his father is a coward. He then helps Ash, and Pikachu by bringing them to an old power plant, so that pikachu can charge up, for the next gym battle. When Ash unofficially defeats Brock he reveals himself to be Brock's father. He allows Brock to leave with Ash to fulfill his dreams.