Flame Body

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Flame Body is an ability used by certain Fire type Pokémon. If an opponent directly attacks this Pokémon, there is a 30% chance that the opponent will become burned. When outside of a battle, Pokémon Eggs hatch in half the time.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#077 Ponyta 077.png File:Type Fire.gif Dream World
#078 Rapidash 078.png File:Type Fire.gif Dream World
#126 Magmar 126.png File:Type Fire.gif Natural
#146 Moltres 146.png File:Type Fire.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Dream World
#218 Slugma 218.png File:Type Fire.gif Natural
#219 Magcargo 219.png File:Type Fire.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#240 Magby 240.png File:Type Fire.gif Natural
#467 Magmortar 467.png File:Type Fire.gif Natural
#485 Heatran 485.png File:Type Fire.gifFile:Type Steel.gif Dream World
#607 Litwick 607.png File:Type Ghost.gifFile:Type Fire.gif Natural
#608 Lampent 608.png File:Type Ghost.gifFile:Type Fire.gif Natural
#609 Chandelure 609.png File:Type Ghost.gifFile:Type Fire.gif Natural
#636 Larvesta 636.png File:Type Bug.gifFile:Type Fire.gif Natural
#637 Volcarona 637.png File:Type Bug.gifFile:Type Fire.gif Natural

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