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(テッシード Tesshido)
Thorn Seed Pokémon Pokémon
Ability Gender
Iron Barbs 50% ♂/50% ♀
Pokédex color Egg groups
'Gray' Unknown
Weight Height
18 kg ??? 0.6 m ???
Body style Footprint
BodyUnknown.png F597.png
Azurilland Pokédex
HP Attack Defense
44 50 91
Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
24 86 10

Ferroseed (Japanese: テッシード Tesshido) is a Grass/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Ferrothorn at level 40.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ferroseed is a gray sphere-like Pokémon that resembles a spiked acorn. Ferroseed have three horizontal black lines around its body. Ferroseed have green thorns around its body. Ferroseed's eyes are yellow and have a green background around them.

Game Info[edit | edit source]

Game Locations[edit | edit source]

Version(s) Location
Black/White Chargestone Cave 1F

Pokédex Entries[edit | edit source]

Generations I - IV
Ferroseed did not appear during the Generation I - IV games.
When threatened, it attacks by shooting a barrage of spikes, which gives it a chance to escape by rolling away.
They stick their spikes into cave walls and absorb the minerals they find in the rock.
Black 2
White 2
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire

Learnset[edit | edit source]

Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Damage Type Contest Type Appeal Jam
1 Tackle 50 100% 35 Normal Physical

1 Harden - -% 30 Normal Status

6 Rollout 30 90% 20 Rock Physical

9 Curse - -% 10 Ghost Status

14 Metal Claw 50 95% 30 Steel Physical

18 Pin Missile 14 85% 20 Bug Physical

21 Gyro Ball - 100% 5 Steel Physical

26 Iron Defense - -% 15 Steel Status

30 Mirror Shot 65 85% 10 Steel Special

35 Ingrain - -% 20 Grass Status

38 Selfdestruct 200 100% 5 Normal Physical

43 Iron Head 80 100% 15 Steel Physical

47 Payback 50 100% 10 Dark Physical

52 Flash Cannon 80 100% 10 Steel Special

55 Explosion 250 100% 5 Normal Physical

Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

I Red Blue Yellow Red (JP) Green (JP) Back
Ferroseed did not appear in Generation I
II Gold Silver Crystal Back
Ferroseed did not appear in Generation II
III Ruby Sapphire Emerald FireRed LeafGreen Back
Ferroseed did not appear in Generation III
IV Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver Back
Ferroseed did not appear in Generation IV
V Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
Ferroseed BW.gif File:Ferroseed BW Back.gif
Shiny Ferroseed BW.gif File:Shiny Ferroseed BW Back.gif

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ferroseed seems to be a possible remake of Pineco, while its post-evolution, Ferrothorn, appears to be a remake of Forretress.
  • Ferroseed is one of the two Grass-type Pokémon that cannot learn Grass Knot. The other is Rotom's Mow Forme.
  • Ferroseed and its evolution Ferrothorn are the only Grass/Steel type Pokémon.
    • They are also the only Grass type Pokémon immune to Poison attacks.
  • Ferroseed also greatly resembles a pinecone.
  • Although Ferroseed is clearly a plant, the species lives in a cave.

References[edit source]