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Region: Unova
Age: 20 or more
Hometown: Sanyou City
  • Unknown
Class: Unknown

Fennel is a Scientist who studies about the Dream World, she has a younger sister around the age of seven while she is supposedly twenty years old.Fennel is a friend of Professor Juniper and is an expert on the Dream World. The player will receive the C Gear from Fennel, who lives in Striaton City. It is also confirmed that Fennel unlocks PC Sync after the player brings her Musharna back. In the anime version, she is proper as a princess only using formal language when in the presence of others.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

On Hand[edit | edit source]

Fennel's Munna helps her with her research on the Site of Dreams and Musharna. It first appeared when Team Rocket had awakened Musharna its eyes suddenly glowed pink. It was then seen helping Iris' Axew wake up by sucking off the Dream Mist caused by Musharna and revealing its dreams. Later they rushed to the Dreamyard where they found Team Rocket had caused all the problems, it helped call for Musharna which appeared. Suddenly Team Rocket captured Musharna, however it used its Psychic to explode the machine and free Musharna.
Fennel's Musharna was first used in a research facility for its Dream Mist for a cleaner energy source. However due to people's evil thoughts and desires on the project, it corrupted Musharna's Dream Smoke, which caused an energy overload, destroying the whole facility in a powerful explosion. It first appeared when Team Rocket awakened it using their special mecha. Its Dream Mist spread far reaching Striaton City, it was revealed that Fennel and Musharna were good friends. Later it appeared to the group including Fennel, Team Rocket and Officer Jenny, Fennel tried to save it but Team Rocket's machine captured it, but Munna's Psychic exploded the machine and freed it and they were reunited.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The hair clip Fennel wears is the same flower design on Munna's body.