Fairy (egg group)

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There are a total of 47 Pokémon in this egg group.

  • 16 are purely in the Fairy egg group.
  • 31 are partially in the Fairy egg group.


Most of the Pokémon in this group are normal types and are usually classified as being 'cute'.



# Pokémon Type
035 035.png Clefairy File:Type Fairy.gif
036 036.png Clefable File:Type Fairy.gif
039 039.png Jigglypuff File:Type Normal.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif
040 040.png Wigglytuff File:Type Normal.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif
113 113.png Chansey File:Type Normal.gif
242 242.png Blissey File:Type Normal.gif
311 311.png Plusle File:Type Electric.gif
312 312.png Minun File:Type Electric.gif
531 531.png Audino File:Type Normal.gif
669 669.png Flabébé File:Type Fairy.gif
670 670.png Floette File:Type Fairy.gif
671 671.png Florges File:Type Fairy.gif
682 682.png Spritzee File:Type Fairy.gif
683 683.png Aromatisse File:Type Fairy.gif
684 684.png Swirlix File:Type Fairy.gif
685 685.png Slurpuff File:Type Fairy.gif


# Pokémon Type Other Group
025 025.png Pikachu File:Type Electric.gif Field
026 026.png Raichu File:Type Electric.gif Field
176 176.png Togetic File:Type Fairy.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Flying
183 183.png Marill File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Water 1
184 184.png Azumarill File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Water 1
187 187.png Hoppip File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Grass
188 188.png Skiploom File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Grass
189 189.png Jumpluff File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Grass
209 209.png Snubbull File:Type Fairy.gif Field
210 210.png Granbull File:Type Fairy.gif Field
285 285.png Shroomish File:Type Grass.gif Grass
286 286.png Breloom File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Fighting.gif Grass
300 300.png Skitty File:Type Normal.gif Field
301 301.png Delcatty File:Type Normal.gif Field
303 303.png Mawile File:Type Steel.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Field
315 315.png Roselia File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Poison.gif Grass
351 351.png Castform File:Type Normal.gif Amorphous
361 361.png Snorunt File:Type Ice.gif Mineral
362 362.png Glalie File:Type Ice.gif Mineral
407 407.png Roserade File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Poison.gif Grass
417 417.png Pachirisu File:Type Electric.gif Field
420 420.png Cherubi File:Type Grass.gif Grass
421 421.png Cherrim File:Type Grass.gif Grass
468 468.png Togekiss File:Type Fairy.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Flying
478 478.png Froslass File:Type Ice.gifFile:Type Ghost.gif Mineral
489 489.png Phione File:Type Water.gif Water 1
490 490.png Manaphy File:Type Water.gif Water 1
546 546.png Cottonee File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Grass
547 547.png Whimsicott File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Grass
702 702.png Dedenne File:Type Electric.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Field
703 703.png Carbink File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Fairy.gif Mineral