Erika (Adventures)

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(エリカ Erika)
Name: Erika
Japanese Name: エリカ Erika
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Hometown: Celadon City
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance:
  • Pokémon Adventures

Erika is Celadon City's Gym Leader in the Red, Blue and Green Chapter of Pokémon Adventures.

Background[edit | edit source]

Erika specialises in using Grass-type Pokémon.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Erika has a kind personality, as she teams up with the rest of the Gym Leaders to combat the rising threat of Team Rocket, and later the Elite Four. She has also shown herself to be cruel, particularly against a unique Eevee whom Red had rescued; however this was just a facade to test Red's allegiance.

Skills[edit | edit source]

File:Erika exhibiting her skill in archery.png
Erika exhibiting her skill in archery.

Although Erika is masterful in her control over Grass-type Pokémon, she has displayed talent in other fields; namely archery. Erika has also proven herself to be very analytical, being able to correctly figure out their enemy's plans on both occasions.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Erika is identical in appearance to her game counterpart.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Red, Blue and Green Chapter[edit | edit source]

File:Erika releases Petal Dance.png
Erika uses Petal Dance on an unknown enemy.

Erika first appears upon the Cycling Road, whereupon she apologises to Red for her Tangela knocking him over. She steps out of the royal procession, as Red is held back by her followers. Red asks Erika whether she is the Gym Leader of Celadon City, to which she confirms this. Erika is surprised at his request, but states that she only challenges worthwhile opponents. Before her bodyguards can seize Red, Erika accepts his challenge, much to their surprise. However, Erika explains that he needs to first prove his worth before their battle, by catching an Eevee for her. Later, when Erika is practising at the archery range, she is approached by one of her followers. She asks Erika whether her actions are justified, prompting Erika to release Petal Dance at her.

File:Erika attacks Saur.png
Erika battles against Red.

Erika berates her follower for letting her guard down, as a Drowzee slumps to the ground unconscious. She thinks to herself that Eevee must be found as soon as possible. Later, Erika appears behind Red, proclaiming that he has passed her test. Red accuses Erika of sending him out to find her mutated Eevee, to which she asks him whether he still wishes to battle. Erika comments that they each have 3 Pokémon, telling her Tangela to attack. It wraps around his Saur's bulb, hurling it across the room.

File:Erika summons Vileplume.png
Erika uses her Vileplume's Petal Dance directly against Red.

As Red switches his Saur for Poli, Erika is surprised that he switched Pokémon so early into their battle. Erika follows suit, swapping out with Bellsprout, as Poli uses Double Slap, defeating Erika's Bellsprout with ease. However, Erika manages to defeat Poli by using Mimic. Erika summons her Vileplume, which prompts Red to use Pika. She attacks swiftly with Petal Dance, but Pika is able to deflect the blades with ease. Erika comments that he has saved the best for last, telling her Vileplume to use Swords Dance. Erika asks where his previous arrogance went, informing him that Eevee will be put down.

File:Erika taken by surprise.png
Erika surprised by Red's selfless actions.

Red is outraged by this, as Erika informs him that, should he open its Poké Ball, Eevee will most certainly die. As Pika releases a Substitute of itself, Erika comments that his efforts will be in vain. However, Erika is surprised when Pika guards the Poké Ball instead of attacking her directly, and commends their kindness. Erika picks up Pika, and pushes a lever on the machine. She turns to face Red, informing him that Eevee has been restored to full health. Erika reveals that this Eevee was a test subject for Team Rocket, and that they need the strengths that a Trainer like him possesses in order to defeat them. Red agrees, stating that he will do whatever he can to help them, prompting Erika to give him the Rainbow Badge.

Yellow Chapter[edit | edit source]

File:Erika's badge is stolen.png
Erika's badge is stolen.

Later, Erika fights against the swarms of Shellder and Cloyster released by Lorelei at Celadon City. However, she realises that Lance is merely using these Pokémon to prevent the Gym Leaders from reaching Cerise Island. However, Erika is taken off guard by one of the Shellder, which makes off with her Badge, using it for the Amplification Device on the island.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Vileplume Manga.png
Vileplume 15px
Vileplume is one of Erika's strongest Pokémon, as it is able to knock Pika out with a combination of Petal Dance and Swords Dance. It was also able to defeat Sabrina's Drowzee with a single hit. Vileplume's Moves: Swords Dance, Petal Dance.
Victreebel Manga.png
Bellsprout→ Victreebel 15px
As a Bellsprout, is used primarily in the fight against Red. It was initially knocked down by Poli's Double Slap, but it retaliated with Mimic, resulting in Poli's defeat. However, during the Yellow Chapter, Bellsprout is shown to have evolved into a Victreebel. Victreebel's Moves: Mimic
Tangela 15px
Tangela was initially seen on the Cycling Road, where Red nearly ran it over. It was also used in the fight against Red, where it was able to defeat Saur by using Vine Whip. Tangela's Moves: Vine Whip, Absorb, Growth, Bind.