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Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare

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Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare
Defence Mechanism.png
Function: Protects and locks down the city of Alto Mare
Debut: Pokémon Heroes

“I can control the whole WORLD from inside here!”- Oakley upon realising the Defense Mechanism's true power in Pokémon Heroes.

The Defense Mechanism of Alto Mare, also referred to as the DMA, is an ancient machine situated in the Museum of Alto Mare. This machine was constructed numerous centuries ago, with the goal of protecting Alto Mare from danger. The Defense Mechanism requires both the Soul Dew and either one of the Eon Pokémon to operate it. In Pokémon Heroes, Oakley takes control over the Defense Mechanism in order to subjugate the city. The Defense Mechanism was eventually destroyed when Latias used Safeguard to render the machine inoperable.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]

The Defense Mechanism is shown to have a sophisticated control system over the entire city of Alto Mare, as Oakley was able to place it in lockdown. It is also able to control the waters of Alto Mare, contorting it into various shapes with the user's hand movements. The Defense Mechanism also has the ability to revive fossilized Pokémon, namely the Aerodactyl and Kabutops skeletons in the Museum of Alto Mare. However, overusing the Soul Dew (in the manner which Oakley utilised) can cause the power source, the Soul Dew, to fracture under pressure.