Decolore Islands

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Decolore Islands
デコロラ諸島 Decolora Archipelago
Introduced in: Best Wishes! (Series) - Adventures in Unova and Beyond!
Regional villains: Team Rocket
Starter Pokémon: N/A

The Decolore Islands are a collection of islands located inbetween Unova and Kanto regions. Each island has a variety of Pokémon from various generations and regioins.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Image Name Debut Notable activites
Honey Island.png Honey Island Danger, Sweet as Honey! World-known honey treats
Scalchop Island.png Scalchop Island Crowing the Scalchop Kin! Scalchop King Competition
Grand Spectrala Island.png Grand Spectrala Island The Island of Illusions!
Mahora Islet.png Mahora Islet The Island of Illusions! Re-opening a Pokémon Center
Torom Island.png Torom Island To Catch a Rotom! Daily Rotom mischief
BW130 Island 1.png Unamed Island The Pirates of Decolore!
BW130 Island 2.png Unamed Island The Pirates of Decolore!
Watari Island.png Watari Island Butterfree and Me!
Capacia Island.png Capacia Island The Path That Leads to Goodbye!
Minori Island.png Minori Island TBA
Yashi Island.png Yashi Island TBA
BW137 Island.png Unnamed Island TBA
Cave Island.png Cave Island TBA
BW139 Island.png Unnamed Island TBA
BW140 Island.png Unnamed Island TBA