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DP102: Shield with a Twist!

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"Shield with a Twist!"
Episode Code
Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg November 13, 2008 UnitedStatesFlag.svg April 16, 2009
Badge 1 Badge 2 Badge 3 Badge 4 Badge 5
DP101 DP102 DP103

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The time has finally come. After being denied it when they first got there, and having an unofficial battle with her, Ash, finally, has his Gym Battle with Fantina, the leader of the Hearthone Gym who, Like Juan of Hoenn, is a top coordinator as well. Does Ash have what it takes to beat Fantina's Ghost Pokémon? And with no other competition, will Jessie/Jessilina be able to win another Ribbon?

Debuts[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The "Counter Shield" was another improvised move. The first being "Thunder Armor"
  • The Gym Battle was similar to the one Ash had with Morty of the Ecruteak Gym in many ways.

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