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Citron Okarukaya
(雄刈萱シトロン Okarukaya Citron)
Clemont XY.png
Region: Kalos
Age: 15-16
Hometown: Lumiose City
Family: Eureka (sister)
Limone (father)
Class: Gym Leader
Friends: Satoshi
Voice actor: Yūki Kaji (Japanese)
Michael Liscio (English)
Debut: XY001: Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

Citron Okarukaya (Japanese: 雄刈萱シトロン Okarukaya Citron) is a traveling companion of Satoshi and the Gym Leader of Miare City who first appeared in the episode Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!. He is also watching over his younger sister, Eureka, as he travels with Satoshi and Serena.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Citron has a love for Electric-type Pokémon and for technology. While very intelligent, he is usually shy to people he does not know, but once he gets to know the person he is very outgoing. There are two main running gags with Citron; the first is that a lot of his inventions either do not work or do not work as intended and the other gag is that his sister, Eureka, tries to get him a girlfriend whenever she runs into a girl near his age. This usually results in Citron using his Citronic Gear to pick Eureka up and move her away, while being embarrassed by his sister. He is usually prepared for anything due to his many inventions and resourcefulness, but sometimes forgets important information. While traveling with Satoshi and Serena, he is watching over Eureka and sometimes will try to catch Pokémon on her behalf that she believes are cute and wants to take care of.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Before meeting Satoshi[edit | edit source]

Prior to meeting Satoshi, Citron had an interest in Electric-type Pokémon and became the Gym Leader of Miare City, where he could learn even more about Electric-type Pokémon. However, the amount of battles and other responsibilities related to being a gym leader cut into his free time where he would work on various inventions. This lead to him creating a robot to fill in for him at the gym, Citroid. He programmed the robot to be tough but fair to challengers and made it so that only trainers who have collected three badges may be able to face it. However, in mid programming of the robot, he was interrupted by his younger sister, Eureka and programmed in the wrong master recognition code, resulting in him being unable to regain control of Citroid when it turned out that it was being to tough on trainers by shocking them and rejecting them from the gym when they failed to meet certain requirements. This eventually lead to Citron and Eureka being evicted from the gym by Citroid and resulted in Citron capturing a Bunnelby and working on reclaiming his gym.

Pokémon the Series: XY[edit | edit source]

Citron's first appearance in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! where he and his sister Eureka run into Satoshi who was ejected from the Miare City gym. Citron saved Satoshi with his Citronic Gear and Eureka caught Pikachu as they were falling from Prism Tower. Satoshi soon challenged Citron to a battle, where Citron introduced his newly caught Pokémon, Bunnelby which put up quite the fight against Satoshi's Pikachu. He also fought alongside Satoshi when Team Rocket interrupted their battle.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

On hand[edit | edit source]

Clemont Bunnelby.png
Bunnelby made its first appearance in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! and was the first Pokémon to be seen under the ownership of Clemont, even though it was its newest Pokémon caught at the time. Even though it was just recently caught by Clemont in the episode, it battles well with Clemont and shows a battling spirit. It has been used through various battles since then, showing its strength against any challenger. Its known moves are Dig, Double Slap, Mud Shot, and Double Team.
Clemont Chespin.png
Chespin made its first appearance in XY010 and was given to Citron by Professor Sycamore due it wanting to join Clemont shortly after helping Ash and Clemont save the professor from Team Rocket. It has a habit of finding and taking food for itself, especially macaroons and berries. It is also a very determined Pokémon and once it starts something it is hard for it to stop until the task is complete. Its known moves are Pin Missile, Vine Whip, and Tackle.

Caught for Eureka[edit | edit source]

Clemont Dedenne.png
Dedenne made its first appearance in A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship! where it was found taking a berry away from Bonnie. Due to its cuteness, Bonnie wanted it for herself, but she is too young to be a Pokémon Trainer yet. So, she asked her brother, Clemont, if he could catch it for her, for which he agreed to. Dedenne has a habit of taking and finding food and has a tendency to get greatly upset when it loses its food in some manor. It also has another bad habit of sleeping at inconvenient times, usually at the expense of Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie. Its known moves are Nuzzle, Thunder Shock, and Tackle.

At Miare Gym[edit | edit source]

Clemont Magnemite.png
Magnemite was left in Citron's care (who is a robot made by Clemont) and was used at the Lumiose Gym while Clemont is away traveling with Ash, Serena, and his younger sister, Bonnie. Upon seeing Clemont again, Magnemite was happy to see him, but soon remembered Citron's orders and instead shocked Clemont. These attacks continued until Ash's Froakie was able to stop it with its Frubbles. Magnemite's known move is Thunder Shock.
Clemont Magneton.png
Magneton was left in Citron's care (who is a robot made by Clemont) and was used at the Lumiose Gym while Clemont is away traveling with Ash, Serena, and his younger sister, Bonnie. Upon seeing Clemont again, Magneton began battling Ash, Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie. It dodged the attacks from Serena's Fennekin, but was stopped by Ash's Froakie when it used its Frubbles. Magneton's known moves are Thunder Shock and Metal Sound.
Clemont Heliolisk.png
Magneton was left in Citron's care (who is a robot made by Clemont) and was used at the Lumiose Gym while Clemont is away traveling with Ash, Serena, and his younger sister, Bonnie. It was first seen in use in Citron's battle against Clemont for ownership of the Lumiose Gym and lost against Clemont's Bunnelby. Heliolisk's known moves are Thunderbolt, Parabolic Charge, Bulldoze, and Dragon Tail.

Voice actors[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: 梶裕貴 Yūki Kaji
  • English: Michael Liscio
  • French: Thibault Delmotte
  • Spanish: Miguel Antelo

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His surname in Japanese 雄刈萱 (おかるかや) means Cymbopogon citratus, commonly known as lemongrass.