Cleavon Schpielbunk

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Cleavon Schpielbunk (Japanese: ヒート南野 Heat Minamino) is a character based on the real-life, professional movie director Steven Spielberg. He appeared in the Pokémon Indigo League episodes: Lights, Camera, Quacktion and Go West, Young Meowth.

In these two episodes, he was participating in the Golden Growlithe Award at the Flea Collar Film Festival, and in the first, he found Ash and Co., and decided to have them and their Pokémon join the movie, Pokémon in Love (which was very similar to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet).

At the end of Go West, Young Meowth, Cleavon Schpielbunk wins the awards, but Ash and his friends were disappointed, mostly because they weren't in it - they were cut out. Schpielbunk made the point that it was only a Pokémon-starring movie.

The story was about a Wigglytuff and a Psyduck falling in love (Misty's Psyduck) with each other.