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リサ Lisa
Trainer: Liza
Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze (Not yet activated)
Debut: JL018: Charizard's Burning Ambitions
Episode captured: Prior to Charizard's Burning Ambitions
Caught where: Kanto
Current location: Charicific Valley
Evolved: Not yet evolved
Evolves In: Prior to Charizard's Burning Ambitions
Original Trainer: Liza

Charla is a Charizard that lives in Charicific Valley and belongs to Liza, who maintains the Charicific Valley. Ash, Misty, and Brock got the chance to meet Charla while wandering through the Valley. Charla is Liza's only Pokémon, and her greatest partner, seeing as it travels with her to places outside the valley.


In Great Bowls of Fire, it was revealed that Ash's Charizard became Charla's bodyguard and it's apparent that Charla has fallen for it.