Celadon Mansion

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Celadon Mansion is a large building found in Celadon City. Users of the Generation I games and their remakes can get an Eevee, and where players of the Generation II games can find TM03 Curse at night.

It is also the home of the Game Freak studio, where the lead developer will give the player a diploma that says they have completed the National Pokédex.

Celadon Mansion plays a more vital role in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. The player must enter the building, where, on the first floor, he/she will encounter an old woman. The old woman will give the player Tea, which he/she must use to enter Saffron City. Also, if the player is pursuing the Fame Checker sidequest, the second floor proves useful as well, providing information about Erika. Going into the Mansion from the back not only leads the player to Eevee, but to the Know-It-All as well; this NPC provides the player with standard information concerning status changes if the player reads the blackboard.

In HeartGold and SoulSilver, the item GB Sounds can be obtained here, after getting all 16 badges. The building was apparently renovated, with the backdoors having been wiped out and there are two elevators, which take player to different places of the building.

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