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Missing moves[edit source]

I noticed there were a few moves missing from the lists. I'd add them myself, but I'm not sure which list they go in. The list I'm using is from my SoulSilver Pokedex book. I'll list the missing moves below.

Bug Bite Bug Buzz Signal Beam Beat Up Crunch Dark Pulse Embargo Faint Attack Fake Tears Memento Nasty Plot Payback Punishment Pursuit Snatch Taunt Thief Torment Dragon Rage Twister Discharge Magnet Rise Shock Wave Spark Thunder Fang Thunder Wave Brick Break Close Combat Counter Cross Chop Double Kick Drain Punch DynamicPunch Low Kick Revenge Triple Kick Vital Throw Wake-Up Slap Fire Fang Fire Spin Flame Wheel Flamethrower Heat Wave Overheat Will-O-Wisp Defog Gust Peck Pluck Tailwind Wing Attack Confuse Ray Destiny Bond Night Shade Nightmare Shadow Claw Spite Bullet Seed Energy Ball Grass Knot Seed Bomb Worry Seed Earthquake Fissure Magnatude Mud Bomb Mud Sport Sand-Attack Haze Ice Fang Icicle Spear Icy Wind Mist Powdersnow Bind Block Captivate Charm Copycat Disable Encore Endeavor Endure False Swipe Feint Flail Foresight Fury Attack Fury Swipes Harden Horn Attack Howl Last Resort Leer Me First Milk Drink Minimize Nature Power Odor Sleuth Pain Split Present Psych Up Quick Attack Recover Refresh Raor Rock Climb Scary Face Scratch Secret Power Selfdestruct Sing SmellingSalt SonicBoom Stomp Strength Supersonic Swift Tail Whip Thrash Tickle Transform TriAttack Uproar Wish Wrap Gastric Acid Poison Sting Sludge Sludge Bomb Future Sight Calm Mind Dream Eater Gravity Hypnosis Imprision Mirror Coat Psybeam Psychic Role Play Skill Swap Teleport Zen Heatbutt Rock Blast Rock Polish Rock Slide Rollout Sthealth Rock Stone Edge Flash Cannon Gyro Ball Iron Defense Iron Head Iron Tail Metal Burst Metal Claw Brine Bubblebeam Rain Dance Water Pulse Whirlpool

--Lamia Viper 00:45, March 7, 2011 (UTC)