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(ナナコ Nanako)
Region: Johto
Hometown: New Bark Town
Family: Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Grandfather
Class: Trainer
Friends: Ash
Voice actor: Kerry Williams (English)

Nina Kumagaya (Japanese)

Debut: The Double Trouble Header

Casey (Japanese: ナナコ Nanako) is a trainer from Johto. She is shown to be confident and cheerful. She is a fan of the Electabuzz Baseball team. Once, in a flashback, it showed that Casey's entire family are fans of the Electabuzz Baseball team.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

She has an Elekid, a Pidgey, a Rattata, a Beedrill (given to her by Ash at the end of the Bug Catching Contest,) and a Chikorita (her starter, which evolves into Bayleef and finally into Meganium). She also mentions that she has a Rapidash and a Magmar.

On Hand[edit | edit source]

Casey Meganium.png
Chikorita → Bayleef → Meganium
Casey started with a Chikorita, it evolved into Bayleef while saving Ash from Team Rocket in the Bug Catching Contest. It's unknown how Casey evolved Bayleef.
Casey Beedrill.JPG
During the Bug Catching Contest, Ash caught a Beedrill that Team Rocket tried to steal. Casey saved Ash and evolved her Chikorita. During the end, Ash won the contest along with Beedrill and a Sun Stone. Ash gave Casey that Beedrill because Casey loved Pokémon that are yellow with stripes.
Casey Elekid.jpg
Ash spotted a wild Elekid which bullied Larvitar. Soon, Team Rocket stole both of them and thats when Casey came telling Ash about her find of Elekid. Ash told her it was stolen by Team Rocket and they searched. Larvitar and Elekid escaped and they befriended. At the end, with the help of Casey's Meganium, Casey caught the Elekid after a launch of Solarbeam.

Status unknown[edit | edit source]

Casey's Pidgey.jpg
Casey caught it in a forest, along with Rattata, in Pokémon Chronicles. It hasn't been seen since then.

Pidgey's only known move is Quick Attack.

Casey's Rattata.jpg
Casey caught it in a forest, along with Pidgey, in Pokémon Chronicles. It hasn't been seen since then.

Rattata's only known move is Tackle.

Dub only[edit | edit source]

Casey mentioned she owned a Rapidash in Those Darn Electabuzz!.

None of its moves are known.

Casey mentioned she owned a Magmar in Those Darn Electabuzz!

None of its moves are known.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

In the episode "A Date With Delcatty", Casey loses in battle with Georgio (The winner of the battle would get tickets to an Electabuzz baseball game). The two of them end up going to the Electabuzz game together at the end of the episode. Casey appears in two episodes of Pokémon Chronicles, and is shown to wear a cheerleader outfit.

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