Bug Catcher

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Bug Catcher is a type of trainer class that is encountered throughout the original series of Pokémon games. Debuting in the Generation I games, they are usually depicted as young boys with straw hats who usually carry a net of some sort. They are usually among the first type of trainers that the player encounters, often having particularly weak pokémon and giving out very low amounts of money when they are subsequently defeated. In the Sinnoh region they appear later than usual in the game, after the first Gym Leader is defeated and they do not appear in the Unova region.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

RB Battle Sprite GSC Battle Sprite RSE Battle Sprite FRLG Battle Sprite DPPt Battle Sprite HGSS Battle Sprite
Bug CatcherRBsprite.png
Bug CatcherGSCsprite.png
Bug CatcherRSEsprite.png
Bug CatcherFRLGsprite.png
Bug CatcherDPsprite.png
Bug CatcherHGSSsprite.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is assumed they are in some way connected to the Bug Maniacs, as these trainers appear to be a more advanced group of trainers in terms of age and Pokémon strength.