Bruno (Adventures)

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(シバ Shiba)
Name: Bruno
Japanese Name: シバ Shiba
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Hometown: Not specified
Class: Elite Four
First Appearance:
  • Pokémon Adventures

Bruno is a member of the Elite Four and a primary antagonist for most of the Yellow Chapter of Pokémon Adventures.

Background[edit | edit source]

Bruno is masterful with Fighting-type Pokémon. as he is able to give them new abilities through his rigorous training. For example, his Hitmonlee can stretch its leg like a spring.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bruno is shown to have a kind personality towards both people and Pokémon, much unlike that of his Elite Four comrades. To this effect, Bruno was manipulated by Agatha into joining the Elite Four. Bruno is also compassionate to those who excel at fighting, namely Red. After Red achieved victory over Bruno, he thanked Red for the battle, leaving Cerise Island.

Skills[edit | edit source]

File:Bruno's Nunchuk.png
Bruno's Nunchuk.

Bruno's strict training regime allows for his Fighting-type Pokémon to achieve new abilities not normally obtained. For example, his Hitmonlee can extend its leg like a spring. This trait makes Hitmonlee very evasive, as it is able to dodge all of Pika's attacks. Bruno's Onix is also shown to be highly resistant to Water-type moves, despite the obvious weakness. He also makes use of a nunchuk with a Poké Ball attached to the end of it. Bruno uses this nunchuk to increase his speed when summoning his Pokémon, a trait useful in the heat of battle.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bruno is identical in appearance to his game counterpart.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Red, Blue and Green Chapter[edit | edit source]

Bruno and the rest of the Elite Four make brief appearances during the final battle between Red and Green at Indigo Plateau.

Yellow Chapter[edit | edit source]

File:Bruno and Red fight.png
Bruno and Red clash for the first time.

Bruno appears training with his Pokémon in an underground cavern, when Lorelei appears before him. She informs Bruno that a letter of challenge has been sent to Red, and he should evaluate Red's skills based upon the parameters set by Lance. When Red arrived at the location, Bruno immediately challenged him to a battle. However, Bruno's skill with his Hitmonlee was too much for Red's Pika to handle, and Pika is subsequently defeated. As the battle escalates, with both Gyarados and Onix pitted against one another, Bruno abruptly stops the battle to allow for a group of Diglett to pass. Bruno imparts to Red the importance of people and Pokémon co-existing together, as Lorelei and Agatha intervene, bringing him to his knees.

Red cornered by Bruno and the other Elite Four.

Bruno is chided by Lorelei for being so weak, denouncing his morals. However, Agatha regains control over Bruno, as he corners Red. Bruno orders his Hitmonlee to attack in conjunction with Lorelei's Jynx and Agatha's Gastly, subsequently defeating Saur and Poli. When Red is subdued by Lorelei's Ice Doll ability, Bruno attacks swiftly with his Hitmonlee, kicking him in the stomach. Bruno reminisces back to his battle with Red whilst at Cerise Island, wondering where Red is. Later, Bruno dispatches his Machop to stall Brock at Pewter City, shortly before making off with the Boulder Badge. At Cerise Island, Bruno faces off against Lt. Surge and Bill aboard his Onix Road. The battle nearly results in the defeat of Surge's Electabuzz and Bill's Vulpix, as Bruno orders his Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan to attack them.

File:Bruno departs.png
Satisfied with his battle, Bruno leaves their company.

When Yellow and Blaine attempt to break through the barrier around the battleground, Bruno attacks them with his Onix. Lt. Surge and Bill flee from Bruno, before getting cornered by his Machamp. However, they lure Bruno into a trap, in which Lt. Surge activates his Electrode's Self Destruct in conjunction with Exeggcute's, proceeding to send a huge explosion rippling throughout the battleground. Bruno falls into the pool of acid, apparently dying. As Lt. Surge seeks Bill's help to get out of the acid pool, Bruno's Hitmonlee entwines its leg around him, dragging him back down. However, Bruno is surprised when Lt. Surge is rescued by none other than Red himself. Bruno prepares for a rematch with Red, who summons his Vee to battle. It is able to defeat both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, but Bruno breaks Machamp's belt, causing its power level to increase tenfold. This attack sends Eevee hurtling to the ground, as Bruno orders his Machamp to attack Poli.

Will and Karen are approached by Bruno and Koga to join the Elite Four.

Poli's water-type attacks have little effect on Bruno's Machamp, who defeats it easily. However, Bruno is taken offguard by Eevee, who materialises out of a puddle of water. Eevee transforms into Jolteon, defeating Machamp with Pin Missile. Bruno cedes defeat to Red, imparting that he never truly supported the Elite Four's plan. He states that Pokémon and people should be able to live together with harmony, and thanks Red for the satisfying battle. Later, Bruno rescues Koga from being killed during the destruction of Cerise Island, proceeding to train him under his wing.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter[edit | edit source]

Following the final battle at Ilex Forest, Bruno invites two other members of a former criminal organisation, Will and Karen to join the new Elite Four.

HeartGold and SoulSilver Chapter[edit | edit source]

Bruno reappears alongside his teammates at Johto's Pokéathlon Dome, announcing the reformation of the Johto Elite Four.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Hitmonlee Manga.png
Hitmonlee 15px
Hitmonlee is one of Bruno's main Pokémon, whose strength lies both in its upper and lower body. It can also extend its legs, which allows for it to dodge attacks with relative ease. Hitmonlee is incredibly powerful, as it was able to defeat Pika almost singlehandedly. It was used in conjunction with Lorelei's Jynx and Agatha's Gastly to defeat both Saur, Poli and Gyara. Hitmonlee's Moves: Mega Kick, Hi Jump Kick, Rolling Kick.
Hitmonchan Manga.png
Hitmonchan 15px
Hitmonchan is another one of Bruno's main Pokémon, mainly used during his initial conflict with Red. In their battle, Hitmonchan is able to knock out Poli by letting Red focus upon its left arm, which used Fire Punch, whilst its right arm used Thunder Punch. Hitmonchan's Moves: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Comet Punch.
Onix Manga.png
Onix 15px
Onix is used mainly by Bruno during his fights between Red, and Lt. Surge and Bill. In these fights, Onix was shown to be a proficient fighter, and is impervious to water-type moves, despite the fact that Rock Pokémon have a weakness to water moves. It also comprises the main battleground upon which Lt. Surge and Bill fought against Bruno. Onix's Moves: Bind, Dig.
Machamp 15px
Machamp is used primarily during the conflict between Red, Lt. Surge and Bruno. It is notably known for keeping the Belt of Machoke long after its evolution, which serves as a limiter on its strength. Once the belt breaks, Machamp is able to use its full power in its attacks, being able to knock out Poli in a single hit. However, it was taken off guard and subsequently defeated by Red's Vee. Machamp's Moves: None.
Machop Manga.png
Machop 15px
Machop is dispatched by Bruno to serve as a bid for time against the Gym Leaders of Kanto, particularly Brock. Machop's Moves: Karate Chop.