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Brandon's Regice

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Brandon's Regice
Jindai's Regice
Brandon's Regice
Trainer: Pyramid King Brandon
Gender: None
Ability: Clear Body (not activated)
Debut: Pace - The Final Frontier!
Episode captured: Prior to Pace - The Final Frontier!
Caught where: Unknown
Current location: At Snowpoint Temple
Evolved: Does not evolve
Original Trainer: Pyramid King Brandon

Brandon's Regice is one of Brandon's three Regi Pokémon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Brandon caught Regice shortly before Ash challenged the Battle Pyramid for the last time. Regice battled Ash's Pikachu but although it put up a feirce fight, and almost defeated Pikachu, it was eventually defeated by Volt Tackle. Regice is arguably the weakest of Brandon's legendary Pokemon as it is the only one that has been defeated on screen.

Regice appeared again in A Pyramiding Rage, where it defeated Paul's Lairon in seconds, despite its type disadvantage and battled his Ursaring before being recalled.

Regice was also used to battle Regigigas, but was confused by the Colossal pokemon's Confuse Ray and went on a rampage along with Regirock and Registeel. When the evil pokemon hunter J attempted to capture Regigigas, Regice, Regirock, Registeel and Brandon were all turned to stone in order to protect it. After J left due to her client cancelling the deal, the Regi's and Brandon were revived by Regigigas and stayed at Snowpoint Temple in order to rebuild it and guard Regigigas.

Known moves[edit | edit source]

Move Episode
Ice Beam
Ice Beam + {{{3}}}
Rest {{{3}}}
Zap Cannon + {{{3}}}
Focus Punch + {{{3}}}
Hyper Beam + {{{3}}}
Blizzard {{{3}}}
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.