Berry (Generation II)

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A berry tree from Generation II. Berries can grow on these trees.

Berries are a type of berry in Generation II. They heal a Pokémon for 10 HP. Berry Trees are found on Routes 11, 29, 30, 38, and 46. They can be won in the Bug-Catching Contest as a consolation prize and obtained through Mystery Gift. Wild Pichu, wild Pikachu, wild Sentret, wild Furret, and wild Shuckle may hold Berries. They can also be obtained from trading Pokémon from Generation I games. Berries must be fed to the sick Miltank, MooMoo at MooMoo Farm on Route 39 to help cure her fever. After being fed several Berries, MooMoo is healed she will produce MooMoo Milk again, which the player can then purchase. From Generation III onwards they are replaced by Oran Berry.

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