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Back Sprite of B óË ÁN

B óË ÁN is a glitch Pokémon found during battles in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen when an unreliable "always your turn" code is used with a cheat device. There are several observed variations of this Pokémon, such as B oE eA and oE Ai.

oE Ai can be found when a certain sub-glitch of the Pomeg Berry Glitch is performed. The player must enter a battle when all of his/her Pokémon are fainted. Then, on the first turn, the player must Revive a Pokémon that is not in the first slot of his/her party. The game will then ask the player if he/she would like to switch. The player must select Yes, but then select Cancel. oE Ai will then be sent out.

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