BW127: Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!

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"Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!"
Sommelier Detective Dent!
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Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond
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United States
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JapanFlag.svg May 9, 2013 UnitedStatesFlag.svg August 10, 2013
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Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! (ソムリエ探偵デント!大海原の密室!! Sommelier Detective Dent!) is the 784th episode of the Pokémon anime series. In this episode, Ash and his friends continue their journey to the next Decolore island, but while onboard some mysterious events unfold.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Ash, Iris, and Cilan leaving Honey Island and heading off to their next island destination on their way to the Kanto region. The three of them are seen talking about how they can't wait until the next island, and Cilan mentions how it is a long ride to the next island so they might as well enjoy the views. It is then that Porter appears and informs the three of them that there is the Marine Cup Tournament on-board that they could enter. Seeing Porter surprised Ash, Iris, and Cilan, because they previously left the first ship they boarded to visit Honey Island. Porter explains that the Porter they saw was his cousin. Iris then makes the connection that they are like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, because they all look alike but can be found in various areas.

Now knowing why they see Porter on the ship, Ash is excited to learn more about the tournament. Porter explains to Ash that passengers aboard the ship can battle in hopes of winning the tournament. Ash and Iris are eager to join and Cilan can't wait to watch the battles unfold. Porter reassures them that he'll make sure they're entered and to not miss the "Ripple Collection" that belongs to a woman called Mrs. Ripple that will be held in the ballroom after the tournament concludes. Curious about who Mrs. Ripple is, they ask Porter and he points her out to them. Cilan makes note that he's seen that face before and Porter confirms that Mrs. Ripple is one of the most famous gem collectors in the Unova region. Mrs. Ripple then calls out for her Purrloin and when hearing the name of that Pokémon, Cilan begins to get nervous (due to having a fear of Purrloin) and then remembers why he remembers this woman: because she's a gem collector who owns a Purrloin.

Once the opening sequence concludes, Ash and his friends introduce themselves to Mrs. Ripple and when Cilan attempts to greet her, he gets nervous due to the Purrloin and hides behind Iris. It is then that Mrs. Ripple acknowledges that Purrloin is in a bad mood today due to Mrs. Ripple having a gem called the "Eye of Liepard." When that is said, a man in a suit and sunglasses appears to be peeking out from behind a corner, watching Mrs. Ripple. Iris asks if they can go see the gem and Mrs. Ripple leads them to her quarters. In front of the doors to her room, a Watchog of Mrs. Ripple's is spotted guarding the room from anyone entering. When entering the room, a camera is seen to be placed on the ceiling and from that viewpoint Mrs. Ripple is seen opening her locked case which contains the Eye of Liepard. She tells the guests some of the names of the other gems in the case and when seeing the Eye of Liepard, Cilan makes a point that it looks exactly like Liepard's eyes. Mrs. Ripple agrees and says that it is the biggest one ever found and can only be found in the Unova region, but again brings up the point that Purrloin doesn't like her having it and at that point Purrloin leaves the room. Soon after Purrloin leaving the room, a man comes in and pushes Watchog out of the way. Porter then asks what he can do for him and acknowledges his name to be Mr. Shaw. Mr. Shaw then explains that the reason that he is here is to get a look at Mrs. Ripple's gem collection and after seeing the Eye of Liepard, asks Mrs. Ripple for it as it would add to his gem collection. Mrs. Ripple explains that she believes that gems are meant to be seen by everyone and that she has no intentions of selling it to him. Upon hearing the news, he begs her to reconsider for the sake of all gem collectors and she tells him again that her decision is final. He then makes one final remark saying that once he wants something he will eventually get it and makes a laugh for which Watchog slams the door in his face during mid-laugh. Upon the door closing, Iris makes a comment of how Mr. Shaw is very annoying and Porter explains that Mr. Shaw is also a gem collector, but unlike Mrs. Ripple, he does not show his gems to the public. Cilan makes note of how he made a comment saying he was going make the gem his and wonders what that means, and Ash as well doesn't know what he meant by that. At the end of the scene, Purrloin is seen standing at the door, peeking its head in with a determined look.

After seeing the Eye of Liepard, the tournament that Ash and Iris entered gets underway. The first battle is between Iris and a guy named Teaque. Iris sends out her Axew and Teaque sends out his Vanillite. Upon seeing this ice Pokémon, Axew and Iris begin to get nervous, however Iris pulls herself together for the fight. Ash and Iris are on the sideline cheering them on and Cilan makes note of how it is a one-on-one battle. When he says that, he sees Purrloin walking nearby and that frightens Cilan slightly. The scene then briefly changes over to Mrs. Ripple's room where Watchog is standing watch. The guy seen earlier looking around the corner, when Mrs. Ripple was introduced to Ash and his friends, walked by which put Watchog on alert. The scene changes back to the fight between Iris and Teaque. Iris starts the battle off by telling Axew to use scratch'. In response to that, Teaque tells Vanillite to use double team. Iris tells Axew to stay calm and to use dragon rage. This reduces the amount of Vanillite clones to just the original and so Teaque tells Vanillite to use ice beam, which freezes Axew and results in Teaque being named the victor. Ash comments on how he and Pikachu have to win for Iris' sake.

The scene then changes to the ballroom where the gem viewing will take place after the tournament concludes. Porter is seen watching the end of Ash's battle with his Pikachu versus a Gurdurr where Pikachu finishes off Gurdurr with an electro ball and wins the battle. Mrs. Ripple then approaches Porter and explains to him that she cannot find her Purrloin anywhere. Sorry of hearing that news, Porter volunteers to help search for Purrloin. Then scene is then taken to Purrloin exiting an air vent, into Mrs. Ripple's room, and then entering her closet. The scene once again changes back to the tournament where Pikachu is seen using iron tail against an Eelektrik and winning once more. Teaque's battle is shown next where his Vanillite used ice beam once again, but this time against an Amoonguss and winning his match as well. This then leads to the final battle: Ash versus Teaque. Cilan claims it will be a great battle and Iris agrees, but knows Ash is going to win. Instead of sending out his usual Pokémon, Teaque sends out his Galvantula. This confuses Ash and he said he thought Teaque would send out his Vanillite. Teaque explains that he already decided earlier that if he made it to the finals he would use his Galvantula. Ash is excited for this battle as both Pokémon in the battle will be electric types. Porter and Mrs. Ripple are seen again searching for Purrloin in the ballroom (where others are watching the final battle between Teaque and Ash) and they notice that Purrloin isn't here either. Mrs. Ripple then suggests that maybe Purrloin returned back to her room and Porter agrees that is where Purrloin probably is, and so they both head back over there. Both Ash and Teaque tell their Pokémon to use thunderbolt and their attacks meet in the middle. Teaque then, by the nod of his head, gives Galvantula a single and Galvantula sends the electricity to the power source on top of the ship. This causes a blackout across the entire ship and Watchog notices the blackout, but at that time a Roselia appears and uses sleep powder on it and puts it to sleep. Mr. Shaw is then seen returning Roselia to its Poké Ball and tells Roselia that it did a job well done and begins to walk into Mrs. Ripple's room.

The scene then changes back to the battle where the announcer tells them that the power outage has been resolved and to continue with the match. Ash is excited to continue on and so is his Pikachu. Mrs. Ripple sees her Watchog laying on the ground asleep and asks if its ok. Watchog slowly wakes up, but then her and Porter hear a scream coming from her room. When they both enter, they see Mr. Shaw sitting on the ground in shock. Porter asks what he's doing here and Mr. Shaw explains that the Eye of Liepard is gone. Mrs. Ripple looks into the case where she had placed the gem and notices that it is indeed gone and faints into Porter's arm from the shock. Purrloin is then seen running into the room and then the scene changes once more to the battle between Ash and Teaque. Teaque orders his Galvantula to use signal beam against Pikachu for which Ash tells Pikachu to dodge it and then use iron tail, which makes a direct hit on Galvantula, knocking it out and thus making Ash and Pikachu the winners. Purrloin is then seen running into the middle of the battle field, frightening Cilan, and jumping on Teaque's face, scratching it. Ash and Iris run over to Teaque and Ash is trying to get Purrloin off and when he does it sends Purrloin flying and landing in Cilan's arms. The viewpoint is changed to seeing the entire ship sailing in the water where you then hear Cilan screaming very loudly.

After the commercial break, Ash, Iris, and Cilan are seen standing next to Mrs. Ripple, who is in bed lying down, and discover that somebody stole the Eye of Liepard. Still upset about what happened, Watchog shows his feelings and Mrs. Ripple tries to explain that it wasn't its fault, but rather the person who did the act. Porter explains that they are having an extensive search of the entire ship. Hearing the news of something being stolen and nobody knowing who did it, Cilan makes note that it is now his infamous "detective time," where Iris shows a bit of worry in her face. Cilan makes note that Mr. Shaw is the first suspect and that they should investigate him first, but Purrloin shows a look that symbolizes that it knows the culprit. Mr. Shaw is seen talking to the captain of the ship, explaining that he indeed broke into Mrs. Ripple's room but had no intention of steeling the gem, but rather to simply look at it again. The captain shows Mr. Shaw that they had a camera places in her room and it shows the case closed, but then due to the power outage, is seen open a few seconds later with Mr. Shaw standing right in front of the case. Ash, Iris, and Cilan walked into the middle of the conversation and then leave at the end to discuss it further with Porter. Iris claims she is certain Mr. Shaw did steal the gem, but Ash isn't quite sure because Mr. Shaw said he didn't. Porter then adds that they did a extensive search of his room and could not find the Eye of Liepard anywhere. Iris, still certain he is the culprit, says that he must have hidden it somewhere and so her and Axew go out to look for it. However, Cilan stops her and says that yes, it is very logical to assume that he is guilty but also makes note that is it really an accurate assumption? He further re-explains what Mr. Shaw did but then points out again that he wasn't seen taking the gem, so it doesn't make for certain that he stole it. Ash, excited by what Cilan said, asks him then if he knows who stole it, but Cilan says he doesn't have a clue, which lets everyone in the room down. He then begins to further think out the steps leading up to the crime when suddenly Purrloin appears standing next to him which throws off his thinking and asks Purrloin not to do that when he's thinking. Purrloin gets angered by Cilan and Ash believes Purrloin knows something.

They then go see Teaque and ask him about the Eye of Liepard, but Teaque says he was battling when the theft occurred. Purrloin is then seen glaring at Teaque and he takes note of it. He then asks to be left alone as he is exhausted and then closes the door. Iris makes note of how Purrloin jumped on Teaque's face earlier, but Porter reminds her that he was battling Ash the entire time and that he doesn't believe Teaque is guilty. Ash then says that he wished he knew what Purrloin knew. Cilan then states that they need to figure out the reason for the blackout and they head back to Mrs. Ripple's room. He then examines the room and notices a wet spot on the floor near the case's table. After smelling it, he finally figured out how the crime was committed. The scene then goes to where the battles took place and everyone involved in the mystery are brought forth, including Teaque who is escorted by Porter and is angry that he is being disturbed again. Cilan tells everyone that he has figured out the mystery and tells them that the crime happened during the final battle of the tournament between Teaque and Ash. He then asks Iris where she was, and she says standing next to him cheering Ash on. He then turns to Porter and asks him the same question for which he explains he was helping Mrs. Ripple search for Purrloin. Then then says Mr. Shaw's name and he again explains he didn't steal the gem. The captain says that he must calm down. Finally, he asks Purrloin where it was and Purrloin says it was in Mrs. Ripple's room (Porter was a witness of seeing Purrloin coming out of the closet door). So, Cilan claims that Purrloin must know who stole the Eye of Liepard. He explains what must have happened: Purrloin entered through the air vent and hid in her closet and somebody must have came in through the air vent later, unlocked the case, and then stole the gem. When he's explaining this, a shadow of Vanillite is shown using ice beam in the lock hole and unlocking the case. It then uses ice beam to pull the gem out of it's place and the key of ice fell on the ground and melted, resulted in Mr. Shaw slipping and falling on the ground. Mr. Shaw says that must be the reason and that he's innocent. Cilan tells him to calm down and then asks Teaque if story sounds accurate. Teaque asked how he would know, because he was battling Ash. Cilan explains that he has determined that the wet spot had to come from a Pokémon that could use a water-type or ice-type move. Teaque agrees that he has a Vanillite but still brings up the point that he was battling the entire time so it couldn't have been him. Cilan further explains his reasoning and says that he didn't use Vanillite during the final battle, but instead used Galvantula. He then explains that he purposefully used thunderbolt to cause the power outage and asked Teaque if he's right, for which Teaque doesn't reply. Cilan then says that Teaque entered the tournament so that it would create a strong argument point if the accusation came up that he stole the gem. He then says that during the blackout he sent out his Vanillite to get the gem and says that the mystery is now solved.

Teaque commends Cilan for his great detective work, but now that everyone knows he is the thief, he says he won't let them catch him. He sends out his Vanillite and tells it to use blizzard. Vanillite gives Teaque the gem enclosed in ice and then begins to use blizzard. However, the man seen a couple times earlier spying on people appeared and sent out his Growlithe and told it to use flamethrower. He then follows up and tells Growlithe to use fire fang which lands a direct hit on Vanillite, sending it into Teaque and causing him to let go of the gem while he crashed into the wall. Purrloin grabs the gem and then removes the mask that Teaque was wearing. The mysterious man explains that Teaque is a great gem thief as well as a master of disguises. He goes on further to explain that they received information about Teaque being here. It is then that the captain of the ship demands to know who this guy is. The mysterious man then reveals himself to be Special Agent Tedesco. This brings relief to Cilan and he then says that these kind of mysteries can really take it out on a connoisseur and he then faints. Mrs. Ripples is then seen saying thanks to Purrloin when it returns the gem back to her.

As the episode concludes, the Eye of Liepard is seen being on display in the ballroom, as it was originally intended to be. Mr. Shaw then makes a statement realizing he was wrong and that gems should be on display as it makes people happy to see them. He also asks her for forgiveness for sneaking into her room. She forgives him and that is when Ash, Iris, and Cilan appear saying how they see the gem is on display. Upon seeing the three of them, Mr. Shaw thanks them for proving his innocence and hugs Cilan for which Cilan says that he thinks Mr. Shaw should thank Purrloin instead. Ash then asks where Purrloin is and Mrs. Ripple says she knew Purrloin was just here. They go searching for it and find it looking at the sunset. Ash then makes note that Purrloin must really love Mrs. Ripple and Cilan agrees, because Purrloin was so eager to help her. The narrator is then seen speaking, explaining how Cilan solved the mystery and then asks the viewers what will happen next. Ash then makes the point to Cilan saying that with everything that's happened today that his fear of Purrloin shoudl be resolved. Cilan then replies saying that he doubts that is the case. Iris then asks him why he's so afraid of Purrloin. Cilan then begins to explain, but then the scene is taken to the ship's horn where the horn then goes off, which prevents the viewers from hearing the reason behind Cilan's fear. After the horn ends, Ash and Iris are shocked by what they heard and the episode concludes.

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  • In a scene where Watchog is closing the door to Mrs. Ripple's room, part of his right cheek is colored brown.
  • When Mrs. Ripple faints, her blouse is the same coloration as her necklace.

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