BW124: What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!

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"What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!"
Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!!
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Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova
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United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg April 18, 2013 UnitedStatesFlag.svg July 20, 2013
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What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals! (レシラム対N!理想と真実の彼方へ!! Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!!) is the 780th episode of the Pokémon anime series. In this episode, the final battle between evil and good commences with the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram, awakening!

Summary[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with a quick review of Team Plasma's attack on the White Ruins in attempt of bringing the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram, back from the Light Stone. Ghetsis is then seen attempting to call forth Reshiram for which Ash tells Team Plasma to stop, but they did not. The Light Stone is then raised into the air in a red glow appears around it. At that point, a fog appears around the White Ruins, which Ash and his friends remember seeing before when Anthea and Concordia used it to protect N in a previous episode. During this fog, Iris tells her Axew to try to break through the restraint that is placed around her middle. Axew then begins to use his Scratch attack on the restraint to try to break it.

N then hears the voices of Anthea and Concordia who are asking what has happened to him, because they believe his heart has been stained due to him sacrificing himself and Reshiram for Ash and his Pikachu. He then begins to explain to them that Reshiram needs to be saved or what happened before when Reshiram appeared will occur once more. It is also revealed that he wants to know why Reshiram was filled with so much rage, otherwise without understanding he claims people and Pokémon are doomed. In reply to his plea, Anthea and Concordia tell them he needs to return with them, but N refuses. This results in Aldith ordering Colress to use his machine on the two Pokémon in the center of the fog. This results in Anthea and Concordia's Pokémon, Gothitelle and Gardevoir, to be under Team Plasma's control. The two Pokémon were ordered to attack Anthea and Concordia and it resulted in the two people being thrown backwards from the blast of their POkémon's attacks.

Due to Anthea and Concordia's Pokémon being under control, the mist then lifts revealing that Ghetsis' ritual to bring Reshiram back is almost complete. With fires shooting up towards the Light Stone, Ghetsis says he is waiting for his return to the world. At this time, Reshiram appears in it's form. This results in everyone being surprised and at that time Axew finally has broken through the band restraining Iris'. Iris thanks Axew for the job well done, but then asks for it to help out Cilan. N tries to confront Reshiram, but shocked at seeing him angry, N simply stands there. It is then that Ghetsis commands Colress to use him machine on the legendary Pokémon. After some fighting, Reshiram is under the control of Team Plasma. Now that Reshiram is under their control, Ghetsis commands it to attack the people around the ruins. Team Rocket is surprised by how strong Reshiram is and notices how much trouble it can bring. After finishing its Fusion Flare attack, Ghetsis is liking how strong it is and Colress mentions it can be much strong, thus raising it's power even more and commanding another Fusion Flare to be unleashed.

Iris and Cilan then ask how Cedric Juniper is doing and after hearing that he's in a little pain but otherwise alright, Cilan calls out his Crustle to help free the professor from the band placed around him. After realizing that Reshiram attacked them as well, Aldith was confused and called out to her leader, Ghetsis, for which Ghetsis replied that her and Barret couldn't be more useless. The scene then changes to Ash where he mentions that he and Pikachu need to do something to stop Team Plasma to rescue everyone from this attack. N then calls out to Ash, and seeing him surprised Ash. However, Team Plasma then surrounded Ash which resulted in him telling his Pikachu to use its Thunderbolt on the nearby Liepard. This is when Team Rocket concludes that they need to do something to stop Team Plasma taking over the world. It is then that Looker calls out to Team Rocket, shocking and surprising them, to help him stop Team Plasma for which Team Rocket agrees to help out.

Due to trying to stop them, Colress mentions he will use his machine on Pikachu, again, for which Ash replied to him that its not going to help. Colress, still focused on aiming at Pikachu, is surprised when Meowth appears in front of Ash, resulting in him being distracted. Meowth explains to Ash that he's here to help them out. Taking the help, Ash and Pikachu hide behind a rock while Meowth uses his Fury Swipes on Team Plasma's Liepard. Meowth further explains that Team Rocket is helping Looker while Ash goes to attack and destroy Colress' device. Ash tells his Pikachu to stay put so that the machine doesn't take over it again.

After running out on his own, Ash becomes surrounded by Cedric Juniper's assistant Pokémon. This results in Pikachu coming out of hiding and not listening to Ash. Noticing Pikachu won't stop, Ash tells it to use its Quick Attack. N makes a note to Anthea and Concordia that while Ash may not be able to hear the inner voices of Pokémon, he can still hear their feelings and says that's the ideal that the three of them (N, Anthea, and Concorida) ever really wanted anyways. Colress, trying to get to Pikachu with his machine, misses his attack due to Pikachu's quick speed. The Pokémon attacking Ash were slowed down by an attack that Ash notices to be Dragon Rage coming from Iris' Axew. The attacking Pokémon were attacked even more by Jessie's Woobat and James' Yamask. Ghetsis then orders Reshiram to stop Ash and his Pikachu from getting to Colress' machine. This results in Ash standing right in front of Reshiram, so Ash tells his Pikachu to use its Electro Ball on the machine. Colress' machine attacks Pikachu at the same time as its own attack. Pikachu is then seen trying to fight the machine off, which Colress claims is impossible. However, this doesn't stop Pikachu and instead Pikachu uses its Thunderbolt on Reshiram. This results in Reshiram's thoughts being released and being read by N. Shocked, Ghetsis tells Colress to increase the power on Pikachu, but still it doesn't work. Ash, tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball on the machine, which was successful and thus destroying it. All of the Pokémon under control of the machine are then released from Team Plasma's control. Team Rocket compliments Pikachu's strength and determination and also mentioned how teamwork also helped in this battle.

Seeing his most prized research and machine be destroyed, Colress is left in a state of complete shock and dismay. N then tells Colress that there's something he will never understand: nothing is stronger than the bond and trust between Ash and his Pokémon. Colress still doesn't believe it and says he will keep trying and it is then seen that Reshiram's rage increased way beyond what even its power was under the control of Team Plasma. Ash and N try to talk to Reshiram to calm it. After N telling it that Pokémon and humans can get along and live happily and how that people really do care about it and always will. Reshiram begins to calm down, and Ghetsis is angered by his defeat.

After being defeated, Team Plasma tries to take their leader and escape, but Ash calls out his Krookodile to use Stone Edge on them, Cilan tells its Crustle to use Rock Slide, and Iris calls out her Dragonite to use Ice Beam. This results in Team Plasma and Colress being trapped in their attacks. Reshiram is then beginning to depart when N calls out it saying he always wanted to meet it. He explains that the last time he met it all he felt from it was rage and that he still feels only rage. So, N asks that after seeing how Pokémon and humans alike fought side-by-side today, what it felt during that time. Reshiram tells N what it thought which resulted in N being happy of hearing the results. He further says he wonders if it can believe in the same way about people that they themselves feel about Pokémon and wonders if the world it wants and the ideal world for people can be possible. N then fishes his speech saying that he will continue to fight for the ideal world that both he and Reshiram want. After hearing what he had to say, Reshiram flew off into the sky.

Once Reshiram left, Iris asked N what it said to him, but N wasn't sure how to explain it. This lead Ash telling N that he didn't have to explain, because if Ash ever meets Reshiram again, he wants to ask it for himself, thus giving him something to look forward to. N then goes to his human friends, Anthea and Concordia, and asks them if they can join him in his goals after seeing everything they've seen since being out of the mist. After hearing and seeing everything that's just happened, both agree to follow N in his journey to accomplish his goal: making his ideal a reality, but doing so in the real world. After hearing that, the International Police Force that Looker called upon earlier finally arrives to arrest Team Plasma. In one of the vehicles, Ghetsis, Colress, Aldith, and Barret are seen inside where Colress is still just as focused on his scientific studies. He admits his Pokémon control device was a failure, but maybe he can create a device that lets people understand what Pokémon say.

The episode with Looker thanking Ash before leaving and Cedric Juniper being upset of the Light Stone being destroyed. However, some of his assistants come forth to tell him there's a new ice ruin that has been discovered. So, Cedric Juniper bids his farewells to Ash and his friends as he rushes off to do more research at the ice ruins. Team Rocket is found running away, but mentioning that their goal of capturing Pikachu is even more rewarding than before, after seeing how it preformed just now. Finally, N tells Ash, Iris, and Cilan that he, Anthea, and Concordia must now be off to work on reaching their goal: to create an ideal world for people and Pokémon, together. Ash, and his friends, excited by the news, bids the three farewell on their journey.

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  • There is a scene where as soon as Reshiram is under control of Team Plasma, everyone appears shocked and the color of Looker's eyes are black instead of his usual gray color.
  • In a scene where [[Anthea and Concordia are standing in the background, Concordia's dress is blue which matches her vest color, instead of her standard white dress appearance.

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