BW122: Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!

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"Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!"
The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!
Episode Code
Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova
Air Date
United States
Air Date
JapanFlag.svg April 4, 2013 UnitedStatesFlag.svg January 6, 2013

Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals! (白の遺跡!サトシ対N!!) is the 779th episode of the Pokémon anime series. In this episode, Ash and the gang run into Cedric Juniper who has discovered the Light Stone.

Episode Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode begins with Ash, Iris, and Cilan standing near the Dragonspiral Tower when somebody approaches them in a vehicle claiming to be an assistant to Cedric Juniper who wants to see them. When they arrive at the White Ruins work site, they are greeted by Cedric Juniper in front of a huge door with odd markings on it. He claimed that, after some studying of the markings, he knew hope to open it, and with a little work the door opened leading the travelers into a new part of the ruins.

When at the end of the passageway they saw a huge oval stone on top of a pedestal, which Cedric Juniper believes to be the legendary Pokémon, Reshiram, but in a different form (the Light Stone). The legend of Reshiram was explained once more as to why it formed itself into a stone ball, upon which at the end of the story telling Cedric Juniper picked up the stone which resulted in fires shooting out of it. The fires were seen by Team Plasma as well as Team Rocket, because the fires shot high out of the ruins and into the sky. Barret, a member of Team Plasma, ordered a grunt to recorder the readings of the flame to confirm that it was in fact Reshiram. After hearing the good news that it was indeed Reshiram in a stone-form, Team Plasma reported their findings to their leader, Ghetsis.

Once Ash, the professor, and the rest of the gang made it out of the ruins, N appeared on top of a cliff. He asked the professor what he was going to do with the stone of Reshiram. Juniper replied that he was going to do long studies on it and learn as much as he could about it. As soon as N heard what he planned to do with Reshiram, N jumped down from the cliff, took Reshiram, and ran off. Ash followed after N, trying to convince him that what he was doing wasn't needed and that they just want to learn more about Pokémon. However, during the chase Ash fell, due to a hallow ground spot. N, seeing what happened to Ash, ran back to him to try to help. This resulted in N falling as well. To try to save both him and Ash, N dropped the stone of Reshiram and grabbed hold of Ash. Unfortunately, N lost his grip which resulted in both of them falling down a deep hole.

Both Ash and N luckily landed on a pile of sand and were uninjured. However, N pointed out that the only way out is where they fell and that hole was blocked by falling rocks. This lead Ash and N to talk about why they like Pokémon so much and N disclosed that he just wants to learn as much as he can about Pokémon, because he believes they are here for a reason. He also wishes that his friends, Anthea and Concordia, could see how there are good people in the world and that Pokémon like Ash's Pikachu like humans as well. This discussion was ended abruptly when Team Plasma invaded the ruins and tried to find both N and the Light Stone.

Upon discovering what happened to N and the Light Stone, Team Plasma ordered in their grunts to take over the ruins while they try to get to them. This is when the person who brought Ash, Iris, and Cilan here revealed himself to be Looker, a member of the International Police Force. Looker attacked one of their leaders, Aldith and said that the rest of his team will be arriving shortly. This is when Colress appeared with his machine, turning the professor's assistant Pokémon against the people at the ruins. As a result, Iris and Cilan call out their Dragonite and Cilan's Crustle, respectively, and a battle broke out. However, the battle was leaning towards Team Plasma being victorious.

This episode ended with both Ash and N looking even harder to try to find a way out to help fight against Team Plasma.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

No, that's not possible... unless of course it is.Cedric Juniper
Soon we'll grab Pikachu and the Light Stone too!Team Rocket
No stay put! Don't take another step... if there were any danger.Cedric Juniper