Autumn, Summer and Spring

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Autumn, Summer, and Spring
(アキ Aki , ナツ Natsu and ハル Haru)
Summer, Spring and Autumn.png
Region: Sinnoh
Age: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Class: Operators and owners of the cafe maids
Friends: Brock
Voice actor: Eileen Stevens (Spring) (English), Amy Palant (Summer) (English), Kether Donohue (Autumn) (English)
Debut: Tanks for the Memories

Autumn, Summer and Spring are maid sisters who are responsible for Mountain Hut Maid Café. They are very pretty, and that's what mainly pushed Brock to bring Ash and Dawn to the cafe . They taught them about the facilities, their Miltank, and how the computers work. After inviting them to a glass of rich milk, Spring told Brock about Autumn's Miltank and how it does not obey her, and asked his help, something that Brock, as a Pokémon breeder, gladly accepted. Meanwhile, Ash and Dawn stayed in helping serving coffee to customers. Finally, Brock got his goal, and Autumn's Miltank joined the others to produce milk. So, Ash, Brock and Dawn embarked on his journey again saying goodbye to Summer, Spring and Autumn.

Autumn[edit | edit source]


Autumn had a problem, her Miltank, Ilta who she affectionately called, who had recently, did not work like other Miltank. Simply, she devoted herself to graze the meadows of the area all day, without obeying their orders. Therefore, Brock was given Ilta to help her. Through various lessons of Pokémon care, Brock was shown to Autumn as it should treat Ilta to obey him. It was finally when a group of Beedrill would attack them, when he began to value Autumn, for she had brought food for the Beedrill not attack their Miltank. So Autumn began to have an attraction to Brock because of the way of raising Pokémon since she admired and treated with much love and affection for his Happiny.

After another glass of milk, rich in appreciation for his help, Ash, Brock and Dawn left, Autumn blushes to see Brock and tells him she will no longer be his student but now she can freely raise their Miltank and she smiles, they continue their way to the Ash's third gym battle in Veilstone City and Autumn reminds Brock and adapting their teaching methods after their parenting style. She was voiced by Kether Donahue.

Spring and Summer[edit | edit source]


Spring and Summer work at the same restaurant Autumn works. Spring is voiced by Eileen Stevens and Summer was voiced by Amy Palant.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Autumn[edit | edit source]

Autumn Miltank.png
Ilta 15px
It is Autumn's only Pokémon, and produces milk with him to please customers at Coffee Maidens. After several lessons from Brock, it learns to be obedient.

Summer and Spring[edit | edit source]

Three Miltank.png
Miltank x2 15px
Spring has two Miltank, both of which work with her at Cafe Maidens. They are well trained and very obedient.
Three Miltank.png
Miltank 15px
Summer has only one Miltank, but like Spring's two Miltank, is excellently trained.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eileen Stevens (Spring) and Kether Donahue (Autumn) also played two other sisters (Beldandy and Skuld respectively) in the anime series (Ah! My Goddess).

Gallery[edit | edit source]