Aura Break

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Aura Break (Japanese: オーラブレイク Aura Break) is an Ability introduced in the Generation VI games, Pokémon X and Y. It is the signature ability of Zygarde.

Game info


Version(s) Description
X/Y The effects of "Aura" Abilities are reversed.


In battle

Aura Break reverses the effects of aura-type abilities. Instead of increasing their respective move-types by 33%, it will instead decrease by that amount. This effect lasts as long as the Pokémon with Aura Break remains on the field.

Affected abilities
List of Affected Abilities
Ability Type
Dark Aura Dark
Fairy Aura Fairy
This is a list of abilities that are affected by Aura Break.

Outside of battle

Aura Break has no effect outside of battle.

List of Pokémon

List of Pokémon
Sprite Pokémon Type Obtained
718.png Zygarde Dragon/Ground Natural
This list is made for Generation VI and therefore may include abilities that were not introduced in previous generations.