Ash's Larvitar

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Ash's Larvitar
Satoshi's Yogiras
Ash's Larvitar
Trainer: [[{{{trainer}}}]]
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
Debut: [[{{{debut}}}]]
Caught where: Route 46 (Hatched)
Received in: Lapras of Luxury
Received from: Naomi
Hatched in: Hatch Me if You Can
Released In: Mother of All Battles!
Current location: On Mt. Silver with its mother
Evolved: 1 episode as an egg

Not yet evolved

Original Trainer: {{{trainer}}}

Larvitar was in an egg that Ash Ketchum was given to take to Professor Elm, however in transit of the Egg it hatched into Larvitar. Like any Pokémon just hatched it had the personality of a child, but a tortured child through memories of what happened to its mother. It froze up whenever anyone other than Ash spoke to it or held it, which it eventually managed to get over. Not long after meeting, Ash managed to return it to its mother and stopped the Poachers from ever disturbing them again.

Moves used[edit | edit source]