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Ash's Fearow

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Ash's Fearow
サトシのオニドリル Satoshi's Onidrill
[[File:|center|200x200px|Ash's Fearow]]
Trainer: Ash
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Keen Eye
Debut: Pikachu I See You
Caught where: Route 1
Current location: With Ash (Electric Tale of Pikachu, manga)
Evolves In: Prior to Pallet Party Panic
Original Trainer: Ash

Ash's Fearow was originally a Spearow that Ash encountered on his way to Viridian City, but couldn't capture. Later, when it evolved into a Fearow and was terrorizing Pidgeys and Pidgeottos, Ash attempted to capture it but failed and left his Pidgeot to guard them.

In the manga, Ash captured it early-on, as his Pidgeotto abandoned him early on. It quickly becomes his primary Flying-type Pokémon.