Artisan Cave

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Artisan Cave
アトリエのあな Atelier Hole
Map of artisan Cave
Information about Artisan Cave
Region: Hoenn
Connecting locations: Battle Palace, Battle Tower
Weather: Normal
Kind: Cave
Needed HM: Surf, Waterfall
Generation(s) available: Gen. III

Artisan Cave (Japanese: アトリエのあな Atelier Hole) is a cave is two levels high, contains several stat Items, and the only wild Pokémon found inside is Smeargle. This is the only area in the Generation III main series games (other than via the unused Altering Cave event) where the player can find Smeargle. At night, on the second story, it is possible to find a Shiny Smeargle.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Location
Zinc Sprite.png
On a rock (Hidden)
Carbos Sprite.png
Item Ball
Calcium Sprite.png
Item Ball
HP Up Sprite.png
On a rock (Hidden)

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Pokémon Levels Rate
40-50 100%