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アテナ Athena
Region: Unknown, most likely Johto
Age: 35-40
Hometown: Unknown
  • Unknown
Class: Team Rocket Executive
  • Unknown

Ariana is a brand new Team Rocket executive in the reborn Johto region. She is the assistant of the boss of the executives, who is Archer. The player battles her twice, first in their hideout and then in the Goldenrod Radio Station. It is believed by fans that she is one of the Rocket admins in Firered and Leafgreen along with Archer and after their defeat Team Rocket is finished in the Sevii Islands.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

GSC Battle Sprite FRLG Battle Sprite HGSS Battle Sprite VS Sprite
Rocket Executive(F)GSCsprite.png
Team Rocket Grunt(F)FRLGsprite.png
Team Rocket Executive Ariana.png

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

1st Battle[edit | edit source]

Arbok HGSS.png File:Murkrow HGSS.png Gloom HGSS.png
Arbok Murkrow Gloom
Level 25 Level 27 Level 25

2nd Battle[edit | edit source]

Arbok HGSS.png File:Murkrow HGSS.png Vileplume HGSS.png
Arbok Murkrow Vileplume
Level 32 Level 32 Level 32