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ApriJuice are drinks made from Apricorn and are kept in the Apricorn Box.

Kinds of ApriJuice[edit | edit source]

Jump Juice[edit | edit source]

Bitter flavor juice, used to raise Jump Performance for Pokéathlon. Careful! If jump stat is the highest it can go then it will reduce some of the other stats or do nothing!

Power Juice[edit | edit source]

Spicy flavor juice, used to raise Power Performance for Pokéathlon.

Skill Juice[edit | edit source]

Dry flavor juice, used to raise Skill Performance for Pokéathlon.

Speed Juice[edit | edit source]

Sweet flavor juice, used to raise Speed Performance for Pokéathlon.

Stam. Juice[edit | edit source]

Sour flavor juice, used to raise Stamina Performance for Pokéathlon.

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