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(アントーニオ Antonio)
Region: Unova
Age: 15-20
Class: Trainer
Voice actor: Marc Thompson (English)
Debut: Reunion Battles in Nimbasa!

Antonio debuted in Reunion Battles In Nimbasa! as one of the participants of the Club Battle tournament. He won against Emmanuel in the preliminaries but lost to Dino in the quarterfinals. He reappeared later on to participate in the Vertress Conference in Curtain Up, Unova League!. He battled Ramone in the quarter-finals and lost, placing him in the Top 8.


Antonio Tranquill.png
Antonio's Tranquill defeated Emmanuel's Scolipede in the preliminaries of the Club Battle. Its only known move is Sky Attack.
Antonio Cottonee.png
It was used in the battle tournament against Dino's Tranquill, but lost.

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